The most advanced anti-tank complex Spike

The most advanced anti-tank complex "Spike"

It's no secret that the military-industrial complex Israel produces some of the most modern and technologically advanced weapons. The best proof of this is the antitank missile complex (ATRA) "Spike" is rightfully considered the best military professionals in their own way and being in the arsenal to more than 10 countries around the world.

The only drawback ATRA "Spike" — this is his invoices, because one shot in the average cost of 250 thousand dollars, as per other characteristics, it is quite superior to all other similar installations. "Spike" is able to pierce any armor now exists and as it should, can one volley kill at least some, even the most modern tank. Together with his beautiful precision (95 percent rockets fall exactly on target) does "Spike" a true headache for developers of new types of armored vehicles.

"Spike" with no loss in accuracy is able to destroy objects like old days and NIGHT MODE and in virtually all weather criteria. This human factor in the anti installation is minimized. Gunner only needs to choose a goal and push the start, everything else will rocket in the automatic mode. It without the help of others will watch and keep control of all the target's movement and specifically it provides the highest accuracy "Spike."

The most advanced anti-tank complex "Spike"

The great advantage of this anti-tank is that in "Spike" there is a descent in four versions, which by the way can not be said about the Russian and South American Javelin anti-tank systems "Cornet".

Spike-SR. The portable installation short distance, the distance of 200 to 800 meters. It is used by infantry.
Spike-MR (more popular as Gil). Again, a portable installation, but with more dalnobojnostju 200-2500 meters.
Spike-LR. Long-range antitank missile system, designed for installation on light combat vehicles. The largest range of up to 4 km.
Spike-ER. A long-range version of "Spike", range up to 8 km. Mounted on fighting vehicles, there is also a special version of the complex for helicopters.

By the way Russian ATRA "Cornet" inferior "Spike" is not only in the absence of modifications, and specifically the martial traits that were particularly noticeable during the fighting Israel and Hezbollah in 2006. Used by Hezbollah "Cornet" showed himself not far from the best side: of the 46 affected their tanks, armor was pierced only 24 and only three of them have received critical injuries. All this leads to the idea that soon our army can proceed to purchase and anti complexes abroad, as is the case with the purchase of drones (a fellow of Israel) and helicopter carriers "Mistral" (in French).

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