The North Caucasus is on fire

Now the government of the Russian Federation must admit that despite all the claims of restoring order and stabilizing the situation in the North Caucasus, the problem not only persists, but rather an escalation of the military confrontation just ramping up. If at the end of the 90-ies of the last century and the first years of the new language of the fighting in the Caucasus region was only about Chechnya, now a restless and tense situation in the other republics — Dagestan, Ingushetia and South Ossetia. If now on the world map to depict graphically the North Caucasus, the best logo is a powder keg with a slowly burning fuse. It's safe to say that until the stabilization of the situation in the region is still very far away, and proof of this is the recent actions in Dagestan.

Outings extremists in this country, not so long ago and represents a constant sabotage attacks on security forces, has become a large-scale military actions that are carried out under religious banners and appropriate appeals. In the north of Dagestan from 21 to 23 June, the forces of the FSB and the Interior Ministry special forces, together with units of the Defense Ministry, backed by tanks and helicopters have been unable to cope with a group of militants who entrenched in lowland villages Kizlyar district.

Another first in Dagestan last week there were two clashes in which security officials of the opposing gang of more than 30 people. And on June 23, a huge group blocked at the village Kuznetsovka Kizlyar district. Go to the marked area of the district departments of Kizlyar, Babayurt, Nogai and Tarumovskiy areas, also from the adjoining Chechnya were drawn fire staff special teams, helicopters Mi-24 "Crocodile", T-90 tanks. They need the support of the staff of the Center special purpose FSB and MVD of Russia, who stormed the rebel positions without result. The village was turned into a real impregnable fort with underground passages, trenches, sighted zones.

Affixed force — about 3 thousand people — crushing battle zone day or two. Militants attacked from the air (more than fifty combat sorties a day), and the heavy equipment. With the coming of the night, and ceased operation on this particular use militants who, under the cover of night for the third confrontation were able to break through the encirclement and hide in the woods. Most unusual that during the whole time in the black time Nights monitor the positions of the militants was carried out with the help of thermal imagers, but at night they are designated by paranormal reason, did not work.

Search fugitives organized with the dawn did not bring a good result. During the bombardment of the fortifications were destroyed 5 extremists, but during the survey area was found just two bodies. Loss of government troops have been greater — seven soldiers were killed and another 16 were injured to varying severity.

According to preliminary data, the security officials of the opposing team, consisting of 20-30 extremists led by the head of the Kizlyar raiding bandits Ahmed Idrisov, which in 2009, has managed to combine under his command representatives from different regions of Dagestan.

Situation in the region is heating up already for 2-years. Only in June 2011, there have been detained more than 40 suspected members, as well as supporters of the extremists. On the territory of Dagestan, and more specifically, in the Kizlyar and Tarumovsky areas of the general population are the Terek Cossacks, and the escalation of tension in the designated area will result in a significant outflow from the country of remaining approximately 80-90 thousand Russians.

Fully understood that the tension built up in the country. In the underground there are more than a thousand fighters intensively involved in the attacks on civilian objects and the security forces, several thousand lurking, ten of thousands of supporters and express compassion. And it is unclear how the Kremlin is going to ensure the safety of people in the region and the country, taking into account the weakness, which was demonstrated during the 3-day confrontation with a small group of militants. How could it happen that the flat terrain of villages north of the republic were able to settle down militants and presented a lesson elected anti-terror units? On the eve of the Olympic Games in Sochi, a similar situation is alarming.

More terrible situation in Ingushetia. Despite the fact that is almost year, as situation in the country has stabilized. Now management Ingushetia and all the security forces did not exclude the ability to activate the militants recently. After all, the biggest shock for ever escalating military confrontation was caused by militants it is here — at the end of March 2010 as a result of a surgical strike on the village of aviation forces Upper Alkun were killed outright 25 militants. In Nazran — Ingushetia's largest town — on the federal road are roadblocks. In the center of Nazran, located vivid reminder of the militants — the space police, burnt, with large holes in the windows. Recall that in the fall of 2009, police pulled up to the building, "Gazel", stuffed with a deadly cargo — 80 kilograms of TNT. It was a hell of a hello from organized this attack, and now the late Said Buryat.

Now the militants in Ingushetia changed strategy. Previously, they are fairly easy it was calculated by the beard and excess religiosity. Now, as they say, law enforcement officers, it's different. So as not to lure particular attention to themselves, they were disguised as ordinary people. Of course, because of known terrorists which previously held the position "Amir" of the Ingush Jamaat Magas, better known as Ali Taziev, it was possible to over 2-years of relaxed areas of the country to live in, rent an apartment, and later the personal house, go on a fictitious passport in the name of c. Gorbakov in Kislovodsk and for all that intensively engage in terrorist activity.

For property position in the North Caucasus, especially in Dagestan, especially important to note that the danger comes not only from the fact that several hundred people began an armed struggle to produce attacks on state authority, acts of terrorism directed against the civilian population. The main danger is that a significant part of their support of the local population. Without a change in the mood of the sample similar to the one hundred percent kill Islamist extremists will be in vain.

Necessary for all who struggle for stabilization of the situation in the North Caucasus, to realize that the struggle will be long and far is not limited to the physical elimination of the leaders of gangs. Continuation of the power of oppression and militants to cooperate with other measures, one of which is the socio-economic development of the region's republics feeble here. Even the initial step of building an industrial infrastructure makes it a suitable environment that you want to use very much. We are talking about the arrival of the North Caucasus, Professor, highly skilled professionals from other regions of Russia, they work together with local young people, who need special lure to work on the construction of these facilities, a large-scale training of local professionals for the next job on the constructed facilities.

Along with the construction of the tremendous production facilities should be increased attention paid to the support of inexhaustible "Caucasian spirit of enterprise": the formation of a network of small enterprises, rural cooperatives, tourism services, etc.

One of the measures to stabilize the political and social situation in the North Caucasus could be to encourage the movement of local residents in other regions of the Russian
Federation. Naturally, in a limited scale and organized it completely can bring positive results. But, at the same time, there is a real danger of worsening political situation in the regions, which will strive migrants.

The struggle for North Caucasus causing casualties in the middle of the Russians from terrorist acts that take place in Moscow and other Russian cities. This is the hardest and the immense cost, but it has to be paid for as long as it will not turn very constructively to change the situation in the North Caucasus region. Nominations not. The North Caucasus has been and remains an inseparable part of the Russian Federation.

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