The priests said Interior Minister Nurgaliyev

The priests said Interior Minister Nurgaliyev, accused the media in exacerbating xenophobia in Russia.

Orthodox clergymen advise Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev not shift the problem of its own departments for journalists and even more so not to incriminate media in the growth and exacerbation of xenophobia in Russia.

Recall, August 8 in Nizhny Novgorod at the meeting of the Interagency Commission on combating extremism, made by President Dmitry Medvedev, Nurgaliyev said that exacerbate xenophobia contribute some Russian media reports, highlighting the wrong ethnic conflicts.

"In some cases, unethical and improper expression of individual journalists worsen the situation of intolerance towards other nationalities of our country," — he said, citing as an example of "wrong" in his opinion, coverage of events at the Manege Square in Moscow in December last year.

The priests also recommend Nurgaliyev not to focus on the dilemma of ethnic crime, and not to ignore it. In their opinion, an aggravation of xenophobic sentiments in society do not contribute to the media, and bad police work to protect the people of the country, reports
Archpriest Alexander Borisov, rector of the church of the saints Cosmas and Damian in Shubin believes that xenophobia is expressed in the actions of the police, not journalists.

"Xenophobia is expressed precisely in the actions of the police officers who oppress and harass immigrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus, that is not no mystery," — he said. According to him, the cause riots on Manezh Square was "not xenophobia, and corruptibility."

"The emphasis of the word" Russian "has to be done very carefully, — said the priest. — For the question, in fact, is not that the Russian or non-Russian, but the fact that the police really do not sovladevaet with its obligations, that its purpose is not so much protection law and order, as profit from their actions. So the problem is to work themselves law enforcement ", — concluded the father Alexander.

Rector of All-Merciful Savior Sorrow former monastery on Novoslobodskaya Archpriest Alexander Il'yashenko sure Russian people can not be deprived of his name and public pros. "Lofty people be deprived of neither his name nor his past or his government and human pluses", — he said. "It's not a failure on someone's gaze headers — explained the father of Alexander — and the fact that there is a profound and painful hitch, which should direct attention to those who are in power and those who control the media, and ourselves. "

Use of the word "Russian", said priest, has become unnecessary in our country since the October revolution. Recalling the expression of Lenin's "Russian chauvinism", Fr Alexander said that being a Russian at the time "there were shameful, because it was associated with chauvinism." "And this, unfortunately, is left", — stated the priest.

He is convinced that the national dignity 1st of the people "can not humiliate the government plus other nations." With all this, singled father Alexander, their own national dignity necessary "to defend bravely and generously." According to the priest, this problem is very difficult, and its not a good solution, "or lead to public humiliation plus the Russian people, already trampled, or a stir in the hot heads of anger that it provoked public humiliation." "Measures should be very obmyslennymi and balanced", — concluded the father Alexander.

Archpriest Alexander Lavrin, a clergyman of the church of Our Lady Mama "Life-giving Spring" in Tsaritsyno believes that it is impossible to focus on the dilemma of ethnic crime, and to ignore it awkwardly.

"You can not look at a person only through the prism of nationality", — he said. In this case, according to the father of Alexander, "we vacate the personality and humanity in fact." With all of this priest believes that the wording relating to nationality, should be "very correct." But hush national coloring number of criminal parts, Fr Alexander said it would be "too awkward." "Often, the extremists themselves emphasize their ethnic and religious identity," — said the priest, advised "to recognize and say so explicitly."
Coupled with the fact, according to Father Alexander, do not constantly focus only on the nationality of the perpetrators. "You have to pay your attention to the fact the work of law enforcement, which, unfortunately, can not protect its own people, no matter what nationality they are not treated," — says the priest.

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