The transaction was accomplished

France will build two helicopter carriers for the Russian Federation

Two helicopter carrier "Mistral" for Russia will be built at the STX shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

"We are continuing negotiations on the contract, but the fact that the construction will be done, no doubt," quotes "Interfax" text of the speech Sarkozy to employees shipyard STX.

Note that the part of the Russian Federation has not yet been a final confirmation of the deal on the helicopter.

"The transaction has already" made "in the public field, but no definite decisions to purchase" Mistral "was not accepted, no funds have been allocated for the purchase, there was no decision Rosoboronzakaz", — said the representative of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC).

"In addition, at first planned to establish a joint venture between CB" Diamond "and the French industrial company Thales Group for the production of electronics for the" Mistral ". In other words, the main task was, and pin our hopes, is the transfer of Western technology on the leading Russian shipyards, the expansion of the experience, "- he said.

# {Weapon} Earlier, USC Igor Ryabov said that the company is ready to build the Korean equivalent of French helicopter carrier "Mistral" at its own shipyards in three years. The company appealed to the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Ministry of Defense with a request to see the need to buy such ships, noting that there is a competitive trial.

"We are interested in the construction of warships, and not in their purchase," — he added at USC.

As reported by the newspaper's gaze, Moscow and Paris discussions are deal for French helicopter type "Mistral". Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that the purchase of "Mistral" is fascinating for Russia only if the parallel transmission technologies. In turn, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov reported that our homeland would like to receive four such ships, one off the shelf, and three more — to build on the French license by Russian shipyards. Spring in the French Defense Ministry reported that the helicopter type "Mistral" by the decision of the President in case of the Russian Federation will be supplied without armament.

Helicopter carrier "Mistral" has a full displacement of 21 tons, a length of 200 meters, a width of 32 meters, a speed of 19 knots, cruising range of 20 thousand miles. Able to carry on deck 6 helicopters, inside the case — four landing craft or two hovercraft, and up to 450 troops. According to preliminary data of Russian and French professionals, the price of the 1st helicopter for the Russian Navy will be from 400 to 500 million euros.

"We buy the idea"

"The French industry can build a" Mistral "for two or three years, and if our order, it will be seven or eight years. If these two ships will be built for the Russian Navy, they can be redesigned to suit our weapons systems ", — told the newspaper gaze fellow at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Andrey Frolov.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Friday that the STX shipyard in Saint-Nazaire will be built two helicopter carriers "Mistral" to Russia. According to him, the parties continue negotiations on the treaty, but "the fact that the construction will be done, no doubt."

The position of the Russian side was the fact that on the French shipyard was built only one ship, and three more — in Russia under license. The newspaper's gaze turned to the researcher of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Andrei Frolov to clarify the preconditions for change.

Andrew L., French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced the construction of 2-type helicopter carriers "Mistral" at the French shipyards for the Russian Navy. Earlier, Russian administration insists that the French side gave one built ship, but three were manufactured in Russia. How can you explain such concessions?

Andrei Frolov: earlier that will be received full set of drawings and, as I understand it, the combat information management system. I think that's the point.

In addition, the ship will be adapted to suit our helicopters, as tests have shown that it sheds are very low for our cars.

This adaptation will affect weapons systems?

AF: We do not know, maybe on this whole thing and finish and built in Russia they will not be, but if these two ships will be built for the Russian Navy, they can be redesigned to suit our weapons systems.

Besides the question of technology transfer is fundamentally the difference between the construction of ships in France or in Russia?

AF: The main thing — the French industry can build them for two or three years, and if our order, it will be seven or eight years.

How important, in your opinion, that ship for the Russian Navy?

AF: To be honest, their purpose is unclear to this day. The dubbed version, it would be a floating command centers to increase the properties of the control of forces in the Far East. From there, the ships will manage connections, ground forces, in other words, the combined groups.

Will the technology that will get Russian side, used in the construction of other types of ships?

AF: It's hard to say. All is depending on how the "Mistral" will operate our fleet as he makes.

How much time is needed to make conclusions about its functions?

AF: very little, year of operation, maybe a couple of years. We buy some idea. How it will be implemented as long as no one knows.

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