The U.S. Senate approved a ban on the Pentagon to deal with the Rosoboronexport

The U.S. Senate approved a ban on the Pentagon to deal with the "Rosoboronexport"

RIA Announcements. U.S. Senate approved an amendment to the country's defense budget, which forbids the Pentagon to make a deal with Russian company "Rosoboronexport", including the purchase of helicopters for Afghanistan.

Voting took place late Thursday evening, the amendment approved unanimously. The ban will take effect once the president signs law on the defense budget. At the current time document considered by the upper house of Congress.

Creator of the document was Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas. He interpreted the intention to make document the fact that the United States should prevent Russia's actions, allegedly providing support for the Syrian authorities.

"The South American taxpayers should not indirectly fund the mass murder of Syrian people, especially in the case of the purchase (for vehicles Afghanistan) Can be made by American manufacturers. Continuing the connection with the "Rosoboronexport", we undermine U.S. policy on Syria and U.S. efforts to support the Syrian people, "- said in a statement Cornyn, vserasprostranennom Friday.

In late July, a similar amendment took the House of Representatives.

Ban on cooperation with the "Rosoboronexport" open a discussion in Congress in March 2012, when a number of parliamentarians appealed to the head of the Pentagon with the request not to buy Russian military equipment for Afghanistan.

The agreement to purchase 10 Mi-17 is an addition to the existing agreement signed in May 2011. He foresaw the supply of 21 Mi-17V-5, spare parts and equipment for Afghanistan. According to U.S. sources, the total price of the agreement is estimated at 900 million dollars. According to Russian media disk imaging, the cost of basic supplies amounted to 367.5 million dollars.

A month back the Pentagon said he did not want to renounce the treaty.

In 2008, the United States has imposed sanctions against the company "Rosoboronexport", accusing her that she Tipo violates the nonproliferation regime in Iran is supplying guns. The company and the Russian authorities have not once said that does not violate the non-proliferation regime and are negotiating the supply to Iran only defensive weapons which do not fall under the restrictions of the UN. Sanctions against the "Rosoboronexport" has been removed by the Obama administration in May 2010.

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