Unusual rainfall in Kherson: near rural lakes pour 5 cm midges

In the Kherson region in the village area Chernyanka Kahovsky rescue officers helped clean the area near the local lake and pond itself from a huge number of dead mosquitoes for unknown reasons.

Told UKRINFORM reported in the department of media relations and public relations TU MES in the area.

"In the village Chernyanka a local lake (6.5 km in diameter) were found dead insects. The dead midges covered a large area. Insects lay along the shore for a distance of 3 meters from the water and directly into the water — here they covered area of 2 meters from the shore" — told the MOE.

Interestingly, at the bank of "veil" of mosquitoes reaches 5 cm thick.

Upon arrival, rescuers took up shovels posobirat mosquitoes in bags and burned. Later on this place sent equipment and digging area.

What caused the death of the insect is still unknown.

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