Victory Day

Do not dream of a bright new day,

If the violation of memory grandfathers

You forgot about the bloody war,

You forgot about the great victory.

How much you want to overstrain the throat,

Cries of a "bright" under the cover —

On the ground, it is impossible to build a paradise,

It is so easy from our ancestors renouncing.

Herbs overgrown trenches,

But the fresh wounds of their native earth,

Soul this day to the bottom prozhgut

Tears of an elderly veteran.

Filter victory is not the first time,

Slander overseas object — Our grandfathers went to fight to the death,

To defend the earth!

Victory Day — a holiday for the country,

We will tell about it to our children,

To know the bitterness of war,

Only the world kept on the planet!

Russia has absorbed himself in to the roots

The blood of fathers that fought for it,

Because it just kin — That land that we got the lot!

Generic keep books

The memory of the type and kind to

Military exploits of soldiers,

The courage of a great people!

Marina Volkova

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