Michalevic in Prague?

Society Former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich said in his avdyezvarotse that is outside of Belarus, and that he's fine. On several Internet websites have information that Michalevic already in Prague.

United Democratic Forces udf.by site reports that Mikhalevich, who escaped from the Belarusian KGB, is located in Prague. This is a source of environment policy. Michalevic drove to the Czech Republic by Russia and Ukraine. Like, thereby confirming the information that Michalevic seen at the Kiev airport "Borispol", from where he flew to Prague. Site editor Yuri Potemkin in an interview with "Freedom" explained:

"According to our information, Michalevic already

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Factory DST-Ural started production of hydrostatic bulldozer

The plant "DST-Ural" has released a new pipe layer TG20.32BDF.

TG20.32BDF pipe layer is characterized by carrying capacity of 20 tons, the reserve capacity is 15%. Bulldozer standing on the tracks, turns and runs management control system implements. Running has shown that all the units are operational. Also equipped with a pipe layer planetary hydraulic winches with European production — mast jib and load.

At present there is a final assembly machine. After that, the bulldozer will run-on the premises and will be shipped to the customer in the Republic of Komi

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How much money is lost our homeland in the Middle East?

It is not so long ago Russian journalist had a conversation with a high-ranking bureaucrat close to the family of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. He said, in fact follow. Syria living facilities pay for the Russian guns. Role in oil and gas production promises huge profits. If Our homeland will leave this country then it will take place immediately the other, because Syria is the last ally of Russia in the Arab world. In his view, Russia in the final period pushed around from where they can. In Libya, everything happens on the Iraq scheme: Russian oil experts at

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How many security forces in Russia

In Russia, there are up to 5 million people in the security services. In fact, every eighth man in the country — the strongman. Spending on the army, the police, the secret police are more than 30% of the federal budget, and a plausible part of the budgets of regions. Our system continues to be the birthplace of the Prussian standard laid down under Peter I.

Our home was listed militocracy always — the state where the main enthusiasm was everything related to the war.

The founder of the Russian Federation "new model" Peter and I just took a stupid

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At the construction site of the nuclear power plant detained journalist

Society Today Astravets was arrested and taken to the local police reports online newspaper "Solidarity" Sergei Balay.

The journalist went on a business trip on the editorial assignment to interview local residents regarding the construction of nuclear power plants Ostrovetskaya, given the recent events in Japan.

But here's what he said the first thing the editor:

— I was approached by criminal investigation officers to check the documents, when I had finished gathering information for a story. Then I went to the station to return to Minsk, but law enforcement officials have returned. They took me to the

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Plant road machines developed new models rinks

The plant "Road vehicle" has developed 4 new models of self-propelled road rollers series DM-based Perkins 1100 Series engines.

Engine supplier of the Russian company "Hayted," a dealer Perkins Engines Ltd in Russia and CIS countries. The manufacturing plant has chosen three-cylinder turbo engines for models rinks DM07B and DM07AD weighing 7 tons. For Model DM13 weight of 13 tons needed a more powerful four-cylinder engine with a turbocharger and intercooler Perkins 1104S-44TA.

When choosing a motor for a new series of rollers plant designers were guided by the principles of high-reliability assemblies and fuel-efficient.

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Galactic Alignment 2012

Our Earth along with the other planets revolve around the sun. Sun, along with six other stars, in turn, revolve around the big star, Alcyone, also known as the Central Sun. Alcyone revolves around the larger star, Sirius, which is called the Great Central Sun. Rotation of the stars around each other, a feature characteristic of all the galaxies in our universe, in which each galaxy consisting of stars and planets, rotates around its own center. Milky Way Galaxy, which owns our land, includes billions of stars and planets revolving around a huge star in the center, called a galactic

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How many Ukrainian insurgent army

At the moment, in fact, in all publications about the actions of Ukrainian nationalists during the war found abbreviation of the OUN-UPA (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists — Ukrainian Insurgent Army).

This combination has firmly entered the language, and definitely associated with the names of Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych. Modern svidomity they say about the need for rehabilitation of the organization, opponents argue it. From time to time, yet it is a division of the SS "Galicia" ("Galicia"). But somehow shy, so very odious seen everything associated with the SS.

So Makar, develops recollection that in the course

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The prophet Edgar Cayce knew more than telling

And he said, Hear now my words; If there be a prophet among you, I open it to him in a vision; talking in his sleep with them. Bible Numbers. Chapter 12: 6. 

I was never interested in the prophets, and I have not read them, as well as the works of philosophers. But in studying the Bible, I had to read the works of scientists, philosophers, soothsayers and prophets, and check out the views of politicians and psychologists to follow the news in the world. Only after analyzing a large amount of information, you can begin to understand

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Factory Gypsum concrete in the suburban town of prominent successfully upgraded wastewater treatment plant

 Photo source:googleusercontent.com

December 23 was prominent in the public inspection of the plant's modernization of "Gypsum concrete", organized by the NGO "People's squad" by locals, journalists and bloggers with the support of the Leninsky district. This is the third inspection in September of this year.

The results of the inspection, as well as the environmental impact assessment data confirmed the installation of new sewage treatment plant manufactures filters and a serious reduction in harmful emissions.

To date, both parties were able to make the inspection, sewage treatment plant modernized and efficient work. Gypsum dust emissions according to

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