Deadly contract company Sukhoi

Strannovataya death in Indonesia 3 Russian professionals asked to investigate the role of our special services

September 13 at the Indonesian Air Force Base "Sultan Hasanuddin 'bodies were found 3 Russian engineers. At the conclusion of the doctors, the death of each of them came as a result of simultaneous heart attack, which caused the representatives of Russian representation of the target suspected forcibly temper disaster.

Management airbase launched an investigation into the death of Russian events professionals. According to the Defense Ministry electric handbook "Weapons of Russia", it is Sergei Voronin, Alexander Poltorak and Viktor Safonov, who

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Rice processing plant started in Krasnodar

The company "Krasnodarzernoprodukt" launched its processing plant rice cereal. The oldest company with 75 years of history introduces the latest high-tech equipment. The new production is organized within the existing MELNICHNAYA-elevator complex, the press service of the city administration.

According to the CEO Aidamir Shazzo, investment, and it is own funds amounted to more than 90 million rubles were invested in the construction of conveyor galleries, purchase of new equipment made in South Korea and packaging systems.

The project is implemented in three and a half months, the payback time — one and a half

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Lethal weapon

In war, the danger lies in wait for people everywhere. And that's why the war must constantly carry for myself toolSince the dawn of time … Tula famous design ideas in the area of small guns. For almost 300 years, an instrument made in Tula. It is in this town were laid major traditions of Russian weapons case.

Makarov pistol Tokarev, PM, Steckin also recognizable in intelligence circles automatic cigarette case Stechkina known all over the world. The history of the creation of the gun Revolver: a significant event in the history of the Russian army was put

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From Vilnius, Czeslaw Milosz and write about it

Society By the centennial Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz 10 European writers have written letters to the author of the famous book "Native Europe." Today in Vilnius read their letters Milos Belarusian and Lithuanian writers Igor Bobkov and Donatas Pyatroshus, and on Thursday evening Vilna authors and scientists presented Trilingual Lithuanian-Belarusian-Polish edition of "The Apprentice Time" dedicated to Czeslaw Milosz.

Community Project "Letters to Milos" is in the cities that were part of a travel Czeslaw Milosz in Europe — it Leipzig, Vilnius, Zurich, Paris. Project "Letters Milos" began in Prague on March 16 Czech author Peter Gulava and the head

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Plant maintenance personnel carriers BTR-80 in Bangladesh

ABU DHABI, February 20. (ARMS-TASS). In Bangladesh, with the participation of Russia will build a plant for maintenance of armored personnel carriers BTR-80. The construction contract was signed in December 2012, said korr.ARMS-TASS head of the delegation of "Rosoboronexport" at "IDEX 2013" Nicholas Dimidyuk.

"We think that for one and a half years to build the plant. Our experts are already checking out, makes shooting areas," — said Dimidyuk.

"Bangladesh has been put a lot of BTR-80, more than 600 units," — informed expert. For this country is to create a very relevant company on

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Global chaos increases: doomsday illusion or reality, and what the U.S. government hiding?

Despite the relatively low public response, no one can deny the growth of tension and chaos in world politics in the last few months, and especially in the last day. Escalating currency wars, the rise of terrorism, environmental disasters in China, the political apocalypse in Greece, Spain and Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear issue, the U.S. election, and more excite society.

Increasingly, there are concerns that we all have someone hostage diabolical conspiracy theories and the situation on the planet is heating up in reality, not in someone's individual head. Matching pieces going into one, some

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Lethal small manageable tool — precision bomb «Hatchet»

In the middle of April 2012 organized by «Naval League of the USA» SAS 2012 exhibition was presented high-precision 60-mm mini bomb «Hatchet» for the UAV. Initially, the creation of the small bombs were planned for UAV «Predator». But it can be applied to virtually any bespilotnike, as with aircraft and helicopters. For example, the guide «Hellfire» which hung 49-minute kilogram rocket can carry about 24 «Hatchet». Weight of a small bomb from the company «Alliant Techsystems» 1.81 pounds. This is quite a significant achievement because the closest rival of «Raytheon» weighs 5.9 pounds.

Equipping small bombs (complex JDAM)

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Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (03.06.2013) Watch online

— Outside the law. The more insecure a traumatic gun and why his desire to ban; — Guns kaleidoscope. Most long-range rifles of the United Kingdom; — Secrets of the Desert. Unique BMP from South Africa; — Pirates of the Caribbean. Who in fact was their captain; — Naizloveschy altar. How to curse ruined ancient city of Pergamon; — Gallakticheskie neighbors. Astrophysicists have found a twin of our Earth; — Undercover Erwin Rommel. Why own beloved Marshal Hitler forced to take poison; — The Roman legions. Why to this day they are considered the best army of all time;

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Sheep pox outbreak recorded in South Kazakhstan

Outbreak of infectious disease in sheep recorded in the village Ekpindy Baidibek district of South Kazakhstan region, the preliminary diagnosis — sheep pox, said on Friday the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.

Conducted clinical examination and places of detention. Samples taken postmortem material of infected animals for laboratory testing and the establishment of an accurate diagnosis.

"According to the primary laboratory tests set preliminary diagnosis — sheep pox. Studies to establish a definitive diagnosis over", — the report indicates.

Headed by the Deputy Akim (Mayor) district created an operational headquarters to respond to the evolving

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Plant growing cucumber (PHOTOS)

Author of the report — Anton Balashov (LJ barnas)

In the Khasan district has recently opened a factory for growing cucumber

(Recently this on CBS: 

  2. The central entrance.

3. Once inside, we find ourselves in a laboratory where investigate sea cucumber at the molecular level.

4. On the second floor is a shop cultivation of marine algae.


6. The room, which features a bath, where they grow a sea cucumber.

7. Employees of the plant are constantly monitoring

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