A huge underground pyramid in Alaska

Linda Moulton Howe — An American journalist who has long It seeks the unknown, reported that Alaska, near Mount McKinley, is buried under a huge pyramid, the dimensions of which exceed the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

Pyramid, reportedly is in the so-called "Bermuda Triangle of Alaska."
The existence of pyramids still might be a "secret" if the find is not reported on the television news — "Channel 13 in Anchorage in 1992. Then the story was featured on the "discovery", "geologists and other" scientists "underground pyramid is many times the size of the pyramid of Cheops. The discovery was made in connection with the planned underground nuclear test by China and the decision of these scientists set a whole bunch of equipment. It would be used to generate seismic "map" of a certain area in Alaska. As a result they found, as reported, underground pyramid.

We are in 2012, learned of this fact because a retired military man was in Alaska, at the same time, as shown in the video clip aired, and he was watching TV. (Together with his friends at his base). He waited for 20 years, and then told Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles.com where to look for the object. According to Howe object coordinates: 63 ° 17'51 .40 "N 152 ° 31'24 .49" W, Pyramid is located about fifty miles southwest of Mount McKinley. Elevation is 1,150 feet.

Ancient underground Dark Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle of Alaska is under the control of the Pentagon.
"Bermuda Triangle of Alaska spans four regions of the state, from the south-eastern desert and fjords, deep in the tundra, and mountains to the arctic. Its items include a large area of land from Juneau and Yakutat in the east, the mountains in the north of Barrow and Anchorage in the center of the state "- indicates Kristen Koger on HowStuffWorks.

"Even the natives of Alaska — Tlingit Indians, who live near Juneau, have made this kind of secret part of their religious culture. They believe that an evil spirit named Kushtaka, something between a man and otter captures people who drowned or were lost, and takes them away to his kingdom. After that, no one ever they are no longer met, "- says Koger.


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