A series of terrorist attacks in Nigeria and anti-Christian pogroms

A series of terrorist attacks in Nigeria and "anti-Christian" pogroms

ITAR-TASS reports that the north Nigeria riots occur shops that belong to Christians. In the town of Potiskum set on fire about 30 trade buildings, people are leaving hundred square meters city, fearing for their lives.

Recently the militants extremist group "Boko Haram"(" Western education — a sin "in the language of Hausa) was carried out a series of terrorist attacks. Several explosions around and inside the Christian churches. Victims of the terrorist attacks were 42 people.

In the nearby town of Damaturu on Potiskuma recently Catholic Christmas bomber at the taxi stand, where there were about hundreds of people, was arranged explosion.

Oic Azaz, Nigeria's presidential adviser on security, said that the scene of the crime on the security forces managed to hold 2-performers attacks. About the involvement of "Boko haram"The attacks, according to the adviser as early read, there is evidence that the terrorist attacks were committed by another group, only presenting itself as Islamists.

Analysts tend to think that the movement "Boko haram "is associated with" al-Qaeda "and that in this grouping can enter the flow quite different kind.

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