Cholera bacterium is becoming more lethal

Cholera bacterium is becoming more lethalIn a series of mutations causative agent can cause longer epidemics with high mortality
The bacterium that causes cholera, has undergone in recent years, a number of changes, which have resulted in a much more dangerous. As a result, one of the mutations is "learned" to hit already been ill and people with immune system. A second mutation led to increased lethality of the agent: earlier mortality was less than 1%, and now it fluctuates at around 5%. Both mutations occurred in the last 20 years, writes

Experts believe that in light of the changed properties of the bacteria to carry out mass vaccination even that code outbreak is already fixed. Other experts are opposed to this, offering to focus on improving the implementation of the rules of sanitation. However, from a new strain of the pathogen and sanitation can not be saved, warn researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University.

The problem of cholera vaccination particularly acute due to the cholera epidemic in Haiti, the outbreak in the autumn of last year and has already claimed the lives of about four thousand people. Meanwhile, in the world now collected a total of about 300,000 doses of the vaccine, which is produced only two companies.

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