Debbie hurricane that hit Florida, took the lives of four people

At least four people have been victims of tropical storm "Debbie", raged for several days in the U.S. state of Florida, another person is considered missing, said on Wednesday CNN television.

According to the rescue, at least two people were killed on Sunday because of heavy rain and tornadoes, previous hurricane. "Debbie" was formed in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday and with the full force hit the north of Florida on Tuesday. More than seven thousand state residents were evacuated, many villages were left without electricity.

One of the victims, 32-year-old Town Heather (Heather Town), died when the tornado picked it up and took a few tens of meters. At this point, the woman was holding a three-year daughter. Rescuers found the body of Town, while it turned out that her daughter survived.

One young local woman died when a gust of wind flipped her car. The third element was the victim of an elderly man. Data on the fourth died in the report are not given.

According to forecasters, on Wednesday "Debbie" began to lose force winds have decreased to 64 kilometers per hour. However, heavy rains have led to a sharp rise in water levels in rivers, causing the danger of flooding.

"Debbie" is the fourth tropical storm of the season in the Atlantic, poluchivshimsobstvennoe name. For the first time this season due to the hurricane were suspended oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and the evacuation of personnel from offshore platforms.

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