Five red-white whales from the Okhotsk Sea taken to Moscow

 Five beluga whales caught in the Sea of Okhotsk to the Moscow Dolphinarium, Tuesday crew aircraft "Boeing 777" taken from Khabarovsk in the capital, according to the Far Eastern airline.

Beluga whale — a mammal of the suborder of toothed whale family narvalovyh. Common in the Bering and Okhotsk seas, in winter sometimes comes to the Baltic Sea. Since 1994, the species listed in the Red Book of Russia to the status of "vulnerable."

"Beluga whales were caught in the Khabarovsk region near Chkalov island, then a ferry transit through Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, they were brought to Khabarovsk. In Khabarovsk airport mammals taken at the special shipping skid for further dispatch to Moscow", — the report says.

It is noted that many hours of flight animals moved normally. During his journey the animals were in special baths, weighing more than 6 tons.

"After the quarantine Red sea animals give to different dolphins" — to be confirmed in a statement.

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