Flooding in the Australian state of Victoria suffered 72 cities

Flooding in the Australian state of Victoria suffered 72 citiesFlooding continued in Australia in December 2010, has affected about 72 cities in the state of Victoria, in the south-east. On Friday, January 21, according to local newspaper Herald Sun.

Completely flooded and flooded more than 1,700 homes were inhabited by about 4,300 people, said Bloomberg. Killed at least one person. It is expected that the peak of the flood will have on the weekend.

According to the Herald Sun, on Friday warned of the impending evacuation of residents of cities Kou-Swamp (Kow Swamp) and Dimbula (Dimboola). In addition, under the threat of flooding are 1,500 houses in Kerange (Kerang): dam, installed on the river, can not withstand the pressure of water coming.

Flooding in Victoria was the result of continuous rains, because of which raised the water level in the rivers. In addition, the south region is flooded because of a stronger than normal tides.

Victoria became the second region of Australia, the flood victims. Originally element affected just north Queensland, where it rains for seven weeks. According to Bloomberg, the number of victims of the disaster is 32, a figure that could grow in the future. Now the level of water in the region declined. During the peak period was submerged about 20 million homes.

According to the assessment of the authorities, the damage element of the region is about $ 20 billion. To compensate expects the budget deficit, the government has proposed to introduce a special additional tax. As the Herald Sun, the initiative triggered a bitter dispute between the coalition partners.

The disaster happened in Australia because of the atmospheric El Niño and in particular one of its phases, known as La Niña. Other countries are also affected by the flood, which was the cause of El Nino, was Brazil, the Philippines, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

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