Forecasters promised avalanche in Transcarpathia and flood in western Ukraine

In some western areas in the coming days are expected to avalanches and output of water from rivers, warns UkrGidromettsentr. On Thursday, 23 December, in the highlands of Zakarpattia region declared a danger of avalanches toe.

On the same day on the river near the village of Stry Zavadovka (Lviv region) may further increase the water level to achieving and exceeding the dangerous mark, as well as flooding of individual buildings and commercial facilities located near the river.

In addition, on the Dniester River (site Zaleshchiki Ternopil region — Ruhotin Chernivtsi region) may be a sharp fluctuation in water levels can not be ruled out water to the plant, the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Ukraine.

The recent flood in Transcarpathia broke all records. Pre losses from floods December 7-10 in the Transcarpathian region reached 61 million hryvnia, and basically is the amount of infrastructure damage caused by the element area.

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