GMO — the path to infertility!

All we hear every day Genetically modified products and all know that they are not useful. Let us analyze in detail why and which of our market basket to get round.

The attempts of scientists to explore transgenic products severely suppressed almost all baby food, including infant formula, which fed children from the first days of life, contain genetically modified foods (GMOs). In this study Russian scientists show that the main principle of the transgene — "prohibition of reproduction" for future generations of mammals.

It is this effect laid GMOs. So why all the silence? After all, the face of the earth may disappear entire nations. In Russia, the cultivation of GMOs is prohibited, but allowed their uncontrolled import: beet, maize MON 810, of which have long been abandoned in Europe, potatoes, rice, and the worst — of soybeans. — All procured Russian genetically modified soybeans. Considering that it is included in most foods, especially for children, you can not help all of us find ourselves under the effects of GMOs — sure, the chief doctor of the Institute of restoring the health of Olga Butakova.

It is this circumstance, PhD, president of the National Association for Genetic Safety Alexander Baranov explains the unprecedented surge in all sorts of allergies. According to him, the emergence of "gennmodifitsirovannyh inserts" the products leads to that the microorganisms that are present in our gut begin to produce so-called non-specific proteins, and they, in turn, are perceived as foreign by the body. To protect themselves, our immune system to attack the protein releases histamine, which causes skin eruptions and other manifestations of allergic disease.

— Every year the number of allergy sufferers in the city increased by seven per cent, and in ten years, almost one hundred percent of the babies in the industrial cities are allergic, — the allergist-immunologist, pediatrician MNIIEM them. Gabrichevskogo Alexander Lavrentiev.

Forbidden ground

Energy Efficiency, despite the high public interest, is still considered insufficiently studied. Russian Academy of Sciences have repeatedly suggested a moratorium on GM foods as long as there is no proof of their safety, but attempts to reach out to scientists or officials to no avail. Academics are strongly advised not to meddle in matters of food insecurity.

In Russia there are about ten laboratories that have the right to investigate GM crops, including transgenic food for their safety to living organisms. Thus for the last seven years in our country does not add any conclusions about the conduct of such tests!

Doctor of Biological Sciences, an international independent expert on Russia in the Committee of the NATO "Science for Peace and Security" Irina Ermakova was the first and the last, who was able to conduct an independent experiment with GMOs and not afraid to speak out about the dangers of transgenes. Instead, support and recognition of colleagues had to say goodbye to her career. — After the publication of the results of experience, I was forced to resign from his job — says the now former senior researcher at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology, Russian Academy of Sciences. — Management Institute has banned GMO me to explore and to be interviewed on the subject. Today I'm officially unemployed.

Fruitless hamsters

What is so Ermakova found? — Cunning of GMOs is that people are not changing their traditional way of life and eating regular food, suddenly falls ill and dies, and not understanding why, — the Doctor of Biology Irina Ermakova. — The reasons lie in gene mutations that trigger GMOs. Ermakova a year hamsters fed transgenic soy.

The same sort of soybean meal is widely used in Russia for feeding farm animals, and it comes from Holland under the guise of pure, free from GM feed. Not only is this line of soy allowed in Russia as food for humans! Now it is clear than it might end: in rodents found underdevelopment and serious decline in reproductive functions — such that the third generation of hamsters could be obtained.

— Infertility is a third-generation animals raised on GM says that nature puts an end to the mutated specimens does not allow them to breed, — says the biologist. — This means that GM food leads to an evolutionary dead end, to the degradation of the species to the total infertility. But soy is dangerous by the fact that it contains the equivalent of the female hormone — phytoestrogens, which literally captures the receptors in the brain, destroying it.

This means that in the future if women are generally able to maintain reproductive function, risk of having a mentally retarded child will be very high. The question arises: why scientists have proved detrimental effects of GMOs, has not yet achieved a ban on their production? Ermakova said that they were either bribed or intimidated. Examples of persecution of scientists in connection with GMO set. English scientist Arpad Pusztay first announced pathology of the internal organs of animals, which were added to the feed of GM potatoes.

At 48 hours after the results of the experiment the scientist was on the street, he was not allowed to talk about their research and talk to your colleagues. Lost grants a team of Italian scientists who uncovered the structural changes in the organs of mice that ate food containing GM soy. Suffered a career U.S. scientists Ignacio Chapel and David Quist, who first proved the genetic pollution due to the impact of GMO pollen to other plants.

— Scientists are planning to conduct research on the impact of GMOs on living organisms, it is difficult to get grants for such experiments — says Ermakova. — This is due to the fact that the study of GMO grants give mainly companies that produce them, but they are not interested. So who is behind the release of transgenics, who benefits from GMOs drop bombs and destroy all life on the planet? "Golden Billion" Ninety percent of the current produced by GMOs owned American company «Monsanto».

The official website of the firm declares itself as an agricultural company, which aims to help farmers grow healthy food without pollution. However, in the past slogan «Monsanto» sounded different: "We create chemistry that works wonders for you." Founded in 1901, the company has positioned itself as the largest chemical company XX century.

During the Vietnam War «Monsanto» supplied chemical weapons for the army, which is under the influence of vegetation areas, where the sprayed substance was dying on the vine. This helped the U.S. track down and destroy enemy units. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest have been destroyed, but most importantly, two million Vietnamese have felt the effects of this drug. The victims were deformed head, hair and teeth fall out. Until now, this chemical spray zones Vietnam highest level of genetic abnormalities.

Today, the main product of «Monsanto» — «Roundup" massively selling herbicide in the West of weeds. A lot of research has shown that "Roundup" is very poisonous. French professor Robert Bell proved that the herbicide causes abnormal cell division and leads to cancer. — I decided that I needed as soon as possible to warn the public about the danger, and appealed to the administration — said in an interview with Professor Bell

. — I was surprised and shocked, because I was told, rather, was ordered not to publish the results of the study and not to raise issues related to GMOs. The official patron and advocate of all that is associated with GMOs is considered one of the richest people in the world, founder of «Microsoft» Bill Gates. The last ten years philanthropist busy addressing the issue of food shortages in Africa. Charity Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to deliver in a number of African countries only GM food, in particular transgenic "golden" rice, causing the disappearance of cilia in the fallopian tubes, leading to infertility.

The reduction of the world population, especially in the Third World, Gates and declares as the main goal of his charity work. — We know that biznesmagnaty world, particularly the U.S., Japan, Canada and the European Union are concerned about lack of natural resources — explains the behavior of the billionaire Doctor of Social Sciences Irina Aliverova. — At the UN, there is an official document in which the population of the planet is divided into the core — the "golden billion" and support — the population of developing countries, including Russia. From the past — and it's about five billion people — you need to get rid of, like the weeds, according to the powers that be.

"No pleasure" basket

The Russian National Association of Genetic Safety identified the list of foreign companies mentioned in the use of GMOs.



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