Heiress Vanga from France

Heiress Vanga from FranceA lot of people around the world trying to become famous as the disciples of the famous soothsayer. But the Wang in this issue was very cautious and slow to voice the names of his followers.

It is believed that 30 years ago, she let slip: "If I will be the successor, then it will be a girl from France with great gift." Enthusiasts have tried unsuccessfully to find a miracle child. And finally …

We do not just have found it. We invited a girl with my dad to shoot in Moscow! — Says the author of the documentary project NTV "Wang returned. Secret Archive prophetess "Andrey Kunitsyn. He is sure that this is what the child told Bulgarian clairvoyant.

Like Wang, girl loses sight and defines diseases people can predict the fate. On the ability of the young medium of the French backwater did not even know the neighbors — the parents took care of the daughter of extra attention. Baby surprises every minute, even on a purely domestic level.

On the way to the Paris hotel, she said that certainly will sleep on the top bunk bed — says Kunitsyn. — Our reporter wondered: "How do you know? This property ordinary beds, many times I was there! ". And the place it was found out that the hotel — sanitation and are provided with a room on the mezzanine, where just such a bed.

Heiress Vanga from France

In Bulgaria, the journalists were able to meet with people who for decades have studied the phenomenon of Vanga and many times interviewed her. As a result enteveshniki received an order for more than 20 hours of unique video.

Until now, the stories about the abilities of Vanga dealt mainly with the fate of specific individuals. In our film, we first present evidence that Wang has made a lot of global and predictions — Kunitsyn said. — The fact that it predicted for 2010-2011, while with incredible accuracy comes true. But she made a prediction to 2050.

In the course of the film revealed that Wang talked about radioactive rain in the Northern Hemisphere (the disaster in Japan?), And of a certain military conflict in the East (the situation in Libya?). Questions will be asked about the upcoming journalists and a girl from France.

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