Investigators have identified 10 more frauds with the Ministry of Defence property

Investigators have identified 10 more frauds with the Ministry of Defence propertyIn the course of an inspection carried out by law enforcement officers, law enforcement officers have identified 10 new facts of illegal sale of the property of the Ministry of Defense. As a result, the budget shenanigans have been harmed more than $ 1 billion rubles., RBC said a law enforcement source.

Sale of state property was carried out by the schemes, similar to those that have been identified during the investigation of criminal cases before. Staff Defense other participants significantly underestimated the price of the property.

During the preliminary investigation on 5 criminal cases employees of the Head of the military investigation department of the RF IC determined that the designation machinations are one and the same person. Attackers have implemented real estate, land plots and shares owned by JSC "Oboronservis", controlled by the Ministry of Defense. All fields marked with criminal cases were combined into one establishment to ensure the completeness and comprehensiveness of the investigation.

General criminal case is being investigated under articles "fraud," "abuse of official capacity," "abuse of official capacity" and "abuse of opportunities."

At the moment, the suspects in the case are two people — the last CEO of the Center for Legal Support "expert" and companies "Peace" and "Vita Project" Catherine Smetana, also the CEO of the District of the Metropolitan Area of the real stock of the Air Force and Air Defense Maxim Zakutaylo.

Previously, it was clear that E.Smetanova had indicated his willingness to cooperate with the investigation. The lady has Tipo gave testimony on the previous episodes. According to media reports, she was accused of two episodes of fraud. If the investigation concludes a deal with the defendant, her case will be considered in a special order. E.Smetanova and its civilian spouse M.Zakutaylo arrested before December 10.

First searches for fraud with the property Defense held on 25 October. According to preliminary data, the agency was harmed in the amount of 3 billion rubles.

The resounding scandal turned the dismissal of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. The new head office was appointed governor of the Moscow region, Sergei Shoigu.

One of the most resounding with the property scams Defense was the privatization of the unique and highly profitable 31 th Municipal Design Institute spetsstroitelstva (GPISS), reconstructed space centers, designed the Strategic Missile silos, submarine berths and facilities aerospace defense.

In April, 2009., When we were talking about the corporatization of the Institute, employees GPISS sent a letter to Anatoly Serdyukov, objecting to the inclusion of the holding company "Oboronservis." But institute was transformed into JSC, and soon found himself in the list of non-core assets Defense.

In December, 70% of the shares were sold to the institute, LLC "Vita Project", 29.9% — JSC "Sosnovoborelektromontazh", the country represented by the Minister of Defence was left alone action. Serdyukov could get a "golden" share, enabled him, on behalf of the country's influence on the fate of the company, but rather to limit the usual bureaucrat.

Note that the search for buyers institute involved in the company, led by E.Smetanovoy. In February 2012. the latter became supernumerary criminal case by attempting to implement at a lower price and without competition in a former military trade in Samara, but the case was dismissed. She is now accused of abuse and fraud in the structures of "Oboronservis."

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