Political prisoners can help in two clicks

Now you can simply support the political prisoners on the Internet. Website www.pashtouka.org offers to sign a postcard for Belarusian prisoners of conscience, without leaving your computer.

Says one of the founders of the project Andrew Kim:

Andrew Kim

"For many years, we regularly conduct campaigns to send cards to political prisoners. Over these years thousands of messages have come to those who arrested in Belarus for their beliefs. I myself was in prison, and I know how important the words of support. During the time of his release I received hundreds of cards, and each one was like a breath of fresh air.

However, such campaigns were limited geographically, do not always work to pass a postcard to sign people from other cities, and even more countries. Moreover, even from the neighboring Russian letters and cards are in Belarusian prison for over a month.

So this year we came up with site www.pashtouka.org.

Any person, wherever he may be, can use this site to write a political prisoner. Simply choose the destination card and enter the text of the message. And here in Minsk, we print out the text on the reverse side of the picture and send it in the mail.

It is simple and efficient. Wherever you are — in Moscow, Prague, Seattle or New York — you can send words of support to Belarusian prison without leaving your computer. Moreover, we are currently working on a mobile version of the site to send a card could even on the way to work.

You can choose either a satirical postcard from Andrew Bilzho who drew them specifically for this project, or other cards on human rights.

The number of political prisoners is now roughly equal to the number of cards on our site. I hope that will decrease the number of first and second — to increase.

I have a dream that thousands of people have joined the campaign and sent possible more cards. After all, what do you need to Belarusian political prisoners — the kind words of support and understanding — can now give each of us. This is solidarity. "

If you have a desire to help the project, or you can offer sketches of new cards, or want to sign a letter to his hand, then contact the organizers of the company can be reached at repression.by @ gmail.com.

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