Selenge CCC began to produce paper bags, plastic displacing

JSC "Selenga Pulp and Paper Mill" (CCC) with the support of the Government of Buryatia started producing test batches of new product — paper bags with handles, to reduce the proportion of the use of polyethylene bags in the Baikal region, told RIA Novosti the timber company "Continental Management".

Head of the Republic Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn in March ordered the government to consider the region's manufacturers and retail chains failure problem of plastic bags in favor of environmentally friendly paper, and called on residents of the republic to change habits and to use paper package, which rapidly decomposes in the soil, which is especially important for the Baikal region.

"The launch of a new line of products has been supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Buryatia. Upon request, agencies were the first lot of samples of paper bags with handles. During the work on the project is considering several options to handle packets, the highest number of positive responses gathered stitched handles," — he said .

This is the preferred option is one of the first customers in Ulan-Ude (sushi bar "Wasabi"). The first batch of packages for this client has now been made, said a company spokesman.

According to him, the results of a test plan will be prepared by the parties of a large industrial production. A plan of campaign.

"Marketing" Selenga CCC "as a result of the research revealed a high demand for this type of environmentally friendly packaging, society tends to follow European trends, where people in large quantities, namely paper bags," — he said.

As part of the campaign upcoming movies on the TV channel "Russia-1", and placing online advertisements on regionally.

Market capacity paper bags with handles in Buryatia, Baikal Territory and the Irkutsk region is estimated at 18 million units per year. End-users of these packages: a chain of restaurants, cafes and bars (for packing food takeaway), trade of various industries, supermarkets, drug network, for packing animal feed and others.

Selenge CCC started in 1973. Is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Buryatia. The main activities are logging, processing lesosyrya, unbleached sulphate pulp production, packaging, products Wood and paint production. Selenge CCC — the world's pulp mill, which uses the zero-discharge circuit in a closed water cycle, introduced in August 1990.

"LPK Continental Management" — one of the largest timber industry complex of Russia, a part of the diversified industrial group "Basic Element". "LPK Continental Management" combines logging, timber, paper and pulp and paper mills, factories and businesses. The holding includes Yenisei Pulp, Selenge CCC, Omsk factory corrugated packaging, Novokuznetsk Branch of Omsk factory corrugated packaging, Kondrovskaya paper company, Trinity paper mill, sawmill-2, a number of logging companies, as well as the individual manufacturer of wooden houses — the company Vuokatti. Holding enterprises located in six regions of Russia, employs approximately 6,000 people.

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