Serdyukov cuts Putin wings?

Serdyukov cuts Putin wings?

By order of the Secretary of Defense disbanded unique aerobatic team "Swifts" and "Russian Knights". Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that "bend the loop on combat aircraft — it is very expensive."

Perhaps, as they say the pilots, "extreme" performance "Swifts" and "Knights" will be the MAKS air show, which will take place this summer. After him unique aerobatic team will be disbanded. At this point in the bowels of the Ministry of Defense and Head of the Air Staff in the atmosphere of deepest secrecy is preparing the "Regulations on the state aerobatic group".

"Fly brand new aerobatic group will not languid production aircraft, and on "learning party" Yak-130. As with virtually all other aerobatic teams in the world. We will lose what we respected and that could not be repeated. In this case, the Yak-130 — is virtually no Russian plane. His entire interior of import ", — told the" AN "a source in the main headquarters of the Air Force.

Homebase for the newest group must stay until the military airfield Kubinka. According to the pilot, it made "temporarily, in order to maintain the appearance of respect for tradition. Lead new project named Alexander Bychkov. Last commander of the 234th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (GIAP), which was reorganized in 237 th Aircraft Demonstration Centre (TSPAT). "

A source in the General Staff of the Air Force also said that "the main source of new aircraft should be the Irkutsk aircraft factory. Because Nizhny Novgorod plant suspended production because of the "raw" assembly. "

Aircrew newest group will be composed of 9 members and 9 of the main spare. While not addressed the issues of service and the newest group. There is a possibility that it will charge JSC "Aerodrome Koubinka" — a personal person who buys half of the famous military airfield. But a strong possibility that the new girl group (As long as she was given a conditional title "9 May") will be relocated to Lipetsk Air Force Training Center.

Recall that two years back, at the recent MAKS Vladimir Putin promised to "Russian Knights" new aircraft and its place in Kubinka dislocation. Apparently, the promise of Prime Minister for Defense rovnenky account does not mean anything.

Defense: documents to disband the "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" no

The Russian Defense Ministry regarded the message some media Tipo plans to disband the pilot groups "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" Russian Air Force as baseless rumors.

"Right now, there is no guidance documents. We do not comment on rumors," — said today ITAR-TASS official dealer of the Press and Information Office and the Ministry of Defense for disk imaging Air Force Col. Vladimir Drik.

As they say some media in the military is preparing to disband pilot groups "Swifts" and "Russian Knights". According to this version, in order to save money to replace these two groups will Tipo newcomer, who will speak on training aircraft Yak-130. It is also claimed that the last time "Swifts" and "Knights" will perform at the MAKS August.

The renowned aerobatic aircraft group "Russian Knights" created April 5, 1991 on the basis of the 237th Guards Red Banner Order of Kutuzov Proskurovsky and Alexander Nevsky Regiment of the best pilots Kubinka air base outside Moscow and other garrisons of. She comes into the center display aircraft Kozheduba name.

Pilots of single and group do acrobatics in the 4, 5 and 6 fighters fourth generation Su-27. Aircraft painted in the colors of the municipal flag of.

The debut of "Swifts" was held in May 1991 at the airport 237th Center display aircraft, where the crews for the first time demonstrated the skill group piloting combat aircraft the Air Force. All flights "Swifts" are doing on the front-line fighters 4th generation MiG-29. Over the years of its existence aerobatic group time to visit with visits in Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Malaysia, where showed high flying skills and advanced Russian aircraft services.

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