Sergei Shoigu cancels uninformed decisions predecessor

Sergei Shoigu cancels incompetent precursor solutionsPolls: 74% of Russians are in favor of continued modernization programs from the Army and Navy
The results of the survey, which reflected the attitude of the people of the country to a change in control Defense, polls published on Friday. The vast majority — 68% of respondents believe that the new minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu will be a good or even one of the best managers of the agency. Only 2% of respondents were of the bad expectations. At the same time, 55% of Russians believe that the resignation of Anatoly Serdyukov was necessary to take even earlier, because with him the situation in the army noticeably worse.

At the same time, citizens find it necessary to continue some initiated under the previous leadership in the transformation of the Armed Forces. 74% of Russians are in favor of the continuation of programs from rearmament of the army and navy. More than 60% of the respondents are convinced of the need to maintain reduced to 1-year period of military service, deferment for graduate students, the legalization of the use of mobile phones. But the beginnings, from which it is better to abandon, recognized the transfer of civilian persons of non-core functions for the military (48%) and the reform of the system of military education (48%). Finish the reduction of the armed forces, which began with Serdyukov, they want 66% of the respondents.

People's expectations are met. "In December 2012 I planned an extended session on the dilemmas of military medicine and its resource support", — said Sergey Shoigu, speaking at a conference all-Russian public organization of veterans of the armed forces. But it almost from the first days in the position of Minister of Defense Serdyukov stopped deployed military hospitals and the elimination of the transfer of the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg city center to the outskirts.

At the end of last week, Interfax said the decision to cancel the defense minister in 2013, referred to as the Bologna system of training the staff of the Russian army in military schools. The emergence of undergraduate and graduate specialties in universities Defense dramatically impacted negatively on the quality of officer training. The fate of the control of the Department Priezzheva Catherine, who was the pioneer of introducing 3 levels and is individually responsible for the actual destruction of the system of military education, venture recently. "As far as it is clear, it will be dismissed," — pronounced the agency in the ministry. A Department of Education Defense again converted to the administration, which, as it was before, will go into the structure of the Head of the Personnel MO.

Will play back a number of other uninformed discretionary decisions of the former management agency, which inflicted significant damage to the Army and Navy in the organization. Although not so long ago they portrayed as progressive.

"To be born again of the combat training in the kinds and types of troops," — said the commander of the Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin reporters last Thursday after a three-day gathering commanders at the site "Prudboy" in the Volgograd region. He noted that the expanded functions and staff of the Head of the Combat Training Defense, which will be subject to newcomer first deputy Minister of Defense, General-Colonel Arkady Bahini.

In addition, the Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov announced that they are working on the definition of a new type of carrier. He said that the development of an aircraft carrier pilot project should be completed within the State of weapons programs from 2020. But it is worth recalling relatively nedavneshnie approval of former Defense Minister Serdyukov, that, say, at the Defense Ministry has no plans to create up to 2020 aircraft carriers and ships of their support, means for it is not provided. Although carried out in parallel procurement French helicopter "Mistral". This means there were — and considerable.

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