Shepherd brings up three tiger cubs abandoned by their tigress in Sochi

Swiss Shepherd became the foster mother for three newborn tiger, abandoned by a tiger at the zoo resort "October" in Sochi, RIA Novosti, Olga Zaslavsky director of the sanatorium.

She said that on Thursday, the pair of tigers — Bagheera five and 12-year-old Batyr — had three cubs, two males and one female. Tigress is not the first time refuses nurse kittens. Zoo staff were ready for such predatory behavior and began to look ahead receiving nurse among dogs.

"On Thursday night, came to us from Yeisk Swiss white shepherd Tully from the nursery. She immediately took cubs, and she should whelp these days", — explained Zaslavsky.

Sanatorium director recalled that summer cubs Bagheera saved from starvation female sharpei of Sochi. Then the baby was sent to the House of Sochi residents for feeding. Now the shepherd and the cubs live in a zoo.

Despite the fact that the dog is not enough milk and newborn cubs will be additionally fed goat's milk, nursing home staff are confident that the experience with the nurse-Shepherd will be successful. When the rare animals grow up, they will transfer to the Moscow Circus. Their predecessors were two weeks ago in the company of the Krasnoyarsk circus.

Amur tiger (Ussuri or Far) is listed in the Red Book, in Russia these animals live in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk regions. According to the last census, the population numbers only about 450 individuals.

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