Snow storm and wind storm expected in Kolyma

Snow storm and wind are expected to storm the Kolyma Thursday, rescuers warn of the threat of disaster in the region.

"It is expected strengthening north-easterly winds of 20-25 m / s, snow, blizzard," — said in a statement GUMCHS the region.

Office warns that due to the difficult weather conditions are likely of a disaster.

"The opportunity to disrupt the functioning of critical infrastructure, difficulties in transport, disturbances in the operation of the utility, damage power lines and communication lines. Strong wind may fall trees, billboards," — says the statement.

It is noted that in connection with the rescue people recommend Kolyma during the cyclone did not go on vacation, do not make trips to remote areas of the region for their own car, observe the speed limit and be extremely careful on the road to avoid an accident, but tour groups and hunters — to wait bad weather in the settlements.

According to the site, now in Magadan 13 degrees of frost, rain, snow, north-east wind of 7 meters per second.

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