South Korea struck the typhoon Tembin killed two people

 Second week typhoon "Tembin" hit South Korea, killing at least two people, triggering massive power outages and serious disruptions in transport links, local media reported.

According to the National Meteorological Agency of South Korea, the typhoon "Tembin", named for the Japanese name of the constellation Libra, is located to the south-east of the capital of Seoul and is moving to the northeast at a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. The pressure at the center of the typhoon was 995 hPa. Wind speed accompanying the cyclone is 20 meters per second.

According to the South Korean agency Yonhap, the disaster claimed the lives of at least two people and three others received injuries of varying severity.

In southern Korean peninsula and the island of Jeju rate of rainfall was 200 millimeters per hour, leading to flooding in several towns.

Element left without electricity more than 91 thousand homes. Currently, electricity supply to most of them restored, but about 5500 buildings are still without electricity.

Air to the airport on the island of Jeju and Busan was interrupted. According to preliminary data, were canceled more than 170 flights.

It is expected that the typhoon "Tembin" weakened in the last hours before tropical storm, close to the South Korean capital on Friday morning, bringing heavy rains and wind gusts. Just one hour in Seoul could fall up to 30 millimeters of rain.

On the eve of the Korean peninsula was completely dominated by the most powerful typhoon in the last decade "Bolaven" that killed at least 10 people. More than 10 people are still missing. Destroyed dozens of homes, damaged hundreds of cars. 453 flights were canceled, including 154 at the international.

As a result of the disaster off the coast of Jeju Island sank two Chinese fishing boats, which was carrying 33 people. Employees of the Coast Guard in South Korea were able to save 18 fishermen. According to recent reports, eight people were killed and seven others are continuing the search.

Enormous damage was inflicted elements to farmers. Strong gusts of wind, followed by a typhoon demolished greenhouses for vegetables and fruit, uproot trees. Just a few hours harvest of fruit trees, which have not yet been collected, was almost all on the ground.

According to preliminary data, the entire country suffered nearly 5000 339 hectares of agricultural fields, 7000 460 hectares of orchards, damaged 42 ships, four schools and six cultural heritage.

Earlier Monday, the typhoon "Bolaven" hit the Japanese island of Okinawa and Kagoshima Prefecture, causing a blackout and stop air and sea links with the region. As a result of the disaster, according to recent reports, one person was killed, about 10 people were injured.

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