The air defense system of Moscow turned into ruins

The air defense system of Moscow in ruinsNetwork of real defense of Moscow, made in the Soviet era, and in fact is forgotten completely destroyed. The military had to turn away from the content of the hidden bunkers and other structures. Now, many of these objects turned into ruins.

If a long drive on the fields near Moscow, and especially in the so-called "big concrete runway," then at some point you will get to betonku literally. The road network of the plates leads to military units, many of which do not carry the alert.

Arrivals and departures from these roads are usually dug or filled up with concrete blocks. But thanks to the explanations of the local inhabitants, rental car "Niva", we manage to get to the area is specifically military unit. Where previously painted curbs, already there is no hint of rovnenky road.

"At this point, you see, no fences, no, nothing Just some horror! These sheds are creepy, glowing holes, breaks. I here do not ever walked, "- says Mikhail Abramov.

"Large concrete strip" was not on any map Russian and foreigners path here was the general ordered.

"We stood on the big rigs spinning radar. At the time, I worked in the SAI. Nobody here was not allowed, and in the case of a breakthrough was at once a patrol car and stopped traffic violators," — says Mikhail Abramov.

We call inside. Despite the heat, outside under the arches of the damp and hollow. Navigator is not aware of where we are. The air is stale. Here our guide refused to go. In the back — the system vestibules, hang annotations, under what kinds of infection which must undergo disinfection. Airtight doors were pilfered, and displays an intricate system of rooms in such a large hangar on the other side of the mound.

In the case of nuclear attack personnel had to be here autonomously, with all this while continuing to perform combat tasks. How long could it last? The supplies of drinking water for about 10 people — 1600 l .. Last fill is not readable, responsible for issuing the lieutenant — Sirotkin.

Still a little wandering about in the fields, and we again find ourselves in the way of plates, abutting in a fairly wide river. In time for the Russian military crossing observed, despite the fact that the last time the military machine appeared here very long time, road almost passing.

After a while litsezreem remnants of the fence, thorns and check-Fri We drive to the same hangar. Here our conductor, fireman last part of the military, bravely sails away with us inside.

"The Office was here — racks of various documents, folders" — explains Nikolay Rogov.

Life, according to the newspapers, stuck here in the middle of the 80s. In the rest room hangs a plaque with portraits of members of the Politburo. Places in the shelter is not very much. In the case of military unrest there were supposed to be only the officers. No fighter and even more so stokers.

Similar military units — the whole ring hidden in the past along the concrete runway. Construction of these nearby places hitherto not allowed — it is most necessary, a 100-kilometer area of the capital.

Go back to Moscow. The car has survived so intense day, it's time to return to the hire office.

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