The flow of tourists in the Altai Reserve for five years increased by 80%

The flow of tourists from different parts of Russia and the world Altai Reserve since 2008 has grown by 80% — up to 53.211 thousand visits, told RIA Novosti on Friday, Director of Altai biosphere reserve Igor Kalmykov.

Authorities positioned Altay region as clean as the tourism industry is considered to be one of the priorities in the development of the country as a whole. According to preliminary data of the regional Minturizma, the number of tourists to the region on the basis of 2012 increased 11% to over 1.5 million people. While in 2020 authorities predict a doubling of tourist arrivals — up to 3 million. Wild, unspoilt nature is still preserved in the Altai attractive to people not only Russia but the whole world, because it is growing and the number of visits to protected areas of the Altai.

"Potentially, we are witnessing an increase in the number of visitors to the reserve, but it is in recent years, The Company now clear record of visitors, more become statistics. Obviously, people have a growing interest in conservation areas. If in 2008 we visited 29.724 thousand (of which only 32 foreigners) , in 2012, we have already taken 53.211 thousands of tourists, including 211 foreign nationals and nearly 12,000 children. Speaking about the dynamics of a year, the increase was almost 34% (39.724 thousand tourists in 2011), "- said the director of .

He stressed that there is no place in the reserve spontaneous, wild and even tourism industry, it is only of eco-tourism, in which only allowed to visit certain areas and must be accompanied by experts.

"Visiting Altai reserve in ecological and educational purposes is permitted on six routes, and you can visit all the cordons of the reserve, located on the lake. Most popular tourist route is a viewing platform" Waterfall Corbu ", attended by 47.640 thousand people, including nearly 11 thousands of children going free. also always attracts tourists central homestead reserve — Yaylyu Uchar and waterfall. The average stay in the reserve will be one day. As towns and Artibash Iogach located in adjacent to the reserve area is where most tourist centers, most of the tourists traditionally go on a day trip on the lake with a visit to environmental education routes Altai reserve and cordons, "- he added.

According to environmentalists, the most important goal of ecotourism — conservation of wildlife, and supporting the well-being of local people to kind of prevent poaching.

"Our main goal in the development of ecotourism is to save wildlife and give people the opportunity to earn from tourism. Then the local people will have no desire to profit by the destruction of natural resources, and they are engaged in tourism and have a stable income from May to September . In particular, the residents of the reserve falls Corbu village Yaylyu supported Reserve can earn, serving tourists and providing guest houses, "- said Kalmykov.

Altai State Nature Reserve was established in 1932. He ranks first in Russia on the species diversity of plants and animals, along with the Caucasus reserve. Location at the junction of mountain ranges of Altai and Sayan is the cause of the diversity of landscapes — from the boreal lowlands to alpine meadows. In the Altai reserve inhabited by rare species such as the snow leopard and forest reindeer. Altai Reserve and Lake Teletskoye since 1998 is a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in the "Altai — Golden Mountains." In 2009, Altai reserve assigned Biosphere status.

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