The population of lions in Africa has decreased in half a century almost 13 times

The population of lions in Africa has decreased by almost half a century of 185,000 individuals, and to date is less than 15.5 thousand animals, while environmentalists fear that the west of the continent, these predators can disappear within five years, according to British newspaper The Guardian, citing to the report of the environmental organization Lionaid.

According to the report, in 1960, the number of lions in Africa amounted to 200 thousand. But to date, 25 countries in the continent, including Algeria, Libya, Niger, northern Sudan and Republic of Congo, the large predators had disappeared, and in 10 countries, including Nigeria, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of Congo, they are on the verge of extinction.

"The number of lions in West Africa declining so rapidly that, as a biologist, I would say that in a country like Nigeria, where only 34 individuals, the cat is already extinct. Almost impossible to restore the population of this small number of animals," — the newspaper quoted a member of the Board of the environmental organization Kata Peter (Pieter Kat).

Among the reasons for reducing the number of lions in Africa, an environmental organization called the destruction of the natural habitat of these cats, in prey due to poaching, disease, such as plague canine, bovine tuberculosis, the illegal trade of animals, as well as hunting lions.

According to the newspaper, attempts to tighten regulation of trade in live predators and their derivatives ran into strong opposition from supporters of the hunt.

"We need to act as quickly as we can to bring international control, but we come up against a lot of resistance from the industry hunting" — the newspaper quoted the head of the British charitable conservation organization Born Free Foundation Will Travers (Will Travers).

At the same time, environmentalists say that size the population is very difficult: to photograph each individual from both sides to avoid any repetition. So Born Free Foundation estimates the number of lions in Africa, 25 000 individuals, which, however, still a matter of concern for the future of these environmentalists feline.

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