The reconstruction of the substation Plesetsk

The branch of JSC "IDGC North-West" "Arkhenergo" completed the reconstruction of the substation № 102 "A" in the town of Mirny, which supplies power only in our country spaceport — "Plesetsk" as well as buildings housing. December 27 last year substation began working on new hardware. The investment program in 2011 for the project was laid down 218 million.


Number of PS 102 "A" to the substation spaceport built a new power transmission line of 35 kV. 102 "A" completed installation of automated information and measuring system for electricity (AMR) to a remote data collection from meters. In the course of the work installed new devices protect equipment against short-circuit, the new communication and remote control. Alterations were the foundations of transformers, oil pans and oil receivers.

As part of the reconstruction of the substation transformers replaced the power capacity of 16 MVA to 25 MVA power transformers. The increase in available capacity will in future conduct technological connection to the network "ArkhEnergo" district number 2, the boiler room number 5, which will run on natural gas, and 35/6 number 9 "A". All of these are vital objects FSI "Space Forces." Reconstruction of power facility also created the conditions for the expansion of the military airfield.

Events on grid connection facilities cosmodrome "Plesetsk" provides the federal target program "Development of the Russian space centers, 2006-2015." In September last year, the official representative of the Space Forces of the Armed Forces Lt. Col. Alexei Zolotukhin said that the program for the construction and reconstruction of the cosmodrome "Plesetsk" will be sent to more than 5 billion rubles.

Alexei Zolotukhin said that the power supply system Plesetsk undergoes major renovation, the load to which the increase in coming years due to the commissioning of the new space rocket complex "Angara".

Now Mirny under construction on reconstruction of the boiler, water intake, water treatment plants, installation of external communications for residential neighborhood in the 2000 apartments in the Peace. The first two 110-apartment houses that already are finishing work is planned to be operational in 2012. In addition, at the cosmodrome "Plesetsk" carry out survey work and the development of construction documents for another 30 facilities construction and renovation, including dormitories, medical centers, car parks, hospital and military medical center.

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