Tokelau Islands were the first to fully switch to solar energy

Residents of the island territory of Tokelau, under the administration of New Zealand, in September will be the first in the world to use only solar energy, according to the New Zealand Broadcasting 3news.

"This week, we completed the installation of more than four thousand solar panels that will provide electricity to the population of the atoll, amounting to 1.4 thousand people," — said the chief engineer of the project Parchomchuk Dean (Dean Parchomchuk).

The project, worth $ 7.5 million funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

"It is great that we can finally move away from the use of power plants using diesel. Fuel leaks pose a huge problem for the environment on the atoll. Moreover, using solar panels, we will cease to depend on supplies from outside," — said the Minister of Energy of Tokelau.

Each year, on the islands of the atoll for electricity used over two thousand barrels of oil worth about a million dollars. Application of new technologies will also help to save on fuel.

"According to our calculations, this innovation will pay off in the next five years. Installing batteries will turn significant savings, especially before the first repair they must have worked flawlessly for at least 20 years," — said the head of the New Zealand Company Powersmart Solar Mike Bazett (Mike Bassett).

Tokelau — dependent territories of the kingdom of New Zealand. Tokelau consists of three atolls (islands on top of the coral reefs in the form of a ring — Ed.) — Nukunonu, Atafu and Fakaofo. The islands rise above the sea level by about three or four meters, the islanders live mainly by fishing and subsidies to the Government of New Zealand. A significant part of the income of the country are the means of prozhali collectable stamps and coins, and the leasing of the national Internet domain.

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