Modern presentation equipment

First projectors were invented long ago already, but they have acquired wide popularity only recently. A total of just fifteen years ago, no major equipment for the presentation were fixed on board with their banners of various sizes. At the moment, this type of presentation is one hundred percent refused. The main presentational solutions to the real moment are the projector, screen, and notebook, which makes operation of the projector.

The latest decision of our time — an interactive board, which is much more convenient for us ordinary projector and screen, both in perception and in the

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Earth from space through the eyes of domestic satellites

July 22, 2012 launch vehicle "Soyuz-FG" to the launch of Russian satellites "Canopus-V" and ICA-FKI1 ("Zond-PP"). July 28, 2012 launch vehicle "rumble" satellite was launched "the world" ("Jubilee 2"). Each of the above three satellites has onboard opto-electronic equipment to send images of the Earth from space. Perhaps this is the first case in the country's history, when during the week immediately launched three satellites with cameras, a fact that domestic media, of course, was safely clap. For the time elapsed since the start of all the satellites images were obtained, with a few can be found in the gallery

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Grodno, where the government was the BNR

Society In Grodno group of activists marked the anniversary with BNR. At first, the flowers were laid fighters for their country, and then a tour, the theme of which were Belarusian organizations in Grodno, events associated with the leaders of the BNR and stay in the city in 1919, its government. Volunteer tour conducted historian Andrew Chernyakevich, studying the Belarusian national movement the times. Policemen in plain clothes are not left without attention of the participants, which were about thirty persons. In the beginning, when flowers were placed at the memorial "race to Grunwald," was conducted as operational video.

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The current non-lethal weapon

Non-lethal weapon act (UPM), one of the phrase is a contradiction. Any of us with young people knows that the appointment of at least some guns in the end is to kill. And it is to this day the case, but in some situations you need to have at hand such means of destruction that can be use for the temporary removal of people from the building. With all of this a number of such funds has been around for long time, they include rubber bullets or tear gas.

But the fight against crime, terrorism and massive mess bezotstupno

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Land met astronauts

WithLet them manned spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-08M" with three astronauts from the ISS — Pavel Vinogradov, Alexander Misurkin and NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy at 06:58 Moscow time landed in the Kazakh steppe.



Aircraft Rescue caught signal transmitter lander after its release from the plasma, and led him to the place of landing, transmit "News".

Search-and-rescue teams immediately moved to a place of landing, the landing vehicle. Already the evacuation of two cosmonauts and astronauts from the capsule. All of them are doing well. Returning from

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Hot Libya. (Updated)

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Modern housing for military personnel

Now one of the latest trends in the prestigious area of construction is the installation of wrought iron grilles around the house and land. Forged fence is that part that assigns finished view the composition at home, it does not prevent passers-by to enjoy the view of the structure and at the same time allows home owners to monitor the landscape. Besides fence — It is not only the beauty, the rate of status and prestige, and perfectly protected barrier to intruders. On the construction of new homes, including for military families, you can find out more here — on

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Farmers are sowing the Saratov region mustard using air

In Krasnokutsk Saratov region is Aeros mustard. Total planted 900 hectares of small seeded oilseed. Total area of aerial sowing in Krasnokutsk area was 1800 hectares. In the near future this method will be performed sitting in farms Balashov and Wolski areas. The use of this innovative technology will allow sowing plants make fuller use of spring water reserves, form a strong root system to develop resistance to pests and diseases, and high yields.

Due to the lingering spring out a common technique in the field over a large area can not yet. However,

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Dolmen — the mysterious megaliths Pshada.

Found information about an interesting view megalitichekogo structure: Dolmen. I found it interesting, so I decided to share with you. Another reason is that 1 plate of such construction weighs an average of 20 tons!

Dolmen — Is an ancient structure in the form of a vertically set stones and covered with a flat plate. In all likelihood, the dolmen was used for burial purposes.

The word itself comes from the Breton «tol» — table and «men» — stone. In contrast to the menhir, perform, apparently, the role of a character,

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Conspiracy theories are not that fiction!

Rumors and urban legends usually do not occur in a vacuum. Even the most absurd conspiracy theories tend to confirm the actual historical facts — at least indirectly.The government controls our minds!

This is perhaps the most common conspiracy theory. At least among patients in psychiatric hospitals. It is known as a "cap foil," and is as follows: the government has the ability to penetrate into our heads with special light and inspire us what it sees fit. For this, supposedly, the technology Illuminati (the sinister organization of conspirators who tried to secretly control world affairs in Europe.) This theory

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