Diary of a Writer: Emigrant novel

Society Austrian writer and journalist Martin Polak received the award for "Contribution to European Understanding". In his speech, he considered it important to say about the situation of Belarusian composers. Thank him. Artists and writers have to leave the country, despite the repression, the other way they have, he said …

Where to write, or — what to write?

Topic of emigration, only referring to writers at the hearing. But look: there is danger before politicians, public figures who, say, have helped in the last election the opposition candidates. If they are both writers and poets, then really — two

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Investment projects are reminiscent of the forgotten small airports.

Began updating its fleet of small aircraft of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Bought the first plane — a new model of the Czech "Elki" (L410). Residents of the "forgotten" in remote areas will again have access to the sky.

Major investment projects are forced to "remember" about the "forgotten" airports. Enter the new aircraft will talk about the second birth airports in Kodinsk, Motygina, Yenisei and Abakan. It's no secret that many small airports in the post-Soviet era were simply abandoned. They grow old and falling into disrepair. So for a full network will require not only new cars, but also

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Investment interactive map of the Russian Federation or Russia as dying out

Investment interactive map of the Russian Federation or Russia as "dying out"

Meet. ThisInvestment interactive map of the Russian Federation(Wait until the map is loaded.) All the opposition is well known that Russia is dying out. This map clearly shows exactly how she dies. Ekoagrokomlpeksy failure, industrial parks and industrial zones, opening new factories, production lines and realizing foreign investment. 

For example, the Kaluga region "dying out" special rates, rebuilding as many as 3 industrial park and about 13 new large-scale production, not counting the small ones. As Tambov, which is particularly active "dying out" agriculture

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The special operation in Dagestan Kaspiysk finished — 4 militants killed

Special operation in Dagestan Kaspijsk completed, killed four militants, told RIA Announcements law enforcement source in town.

At 11.00 MSK in Dagestan Kaspiysk CTO regime was introduced. The house down the street was blocked Dagestan four militants from the local gang.

"Special operation over. During the negotiations of the house came the owner, his wife, two daughters and minor grandchildren. The militants refused to surrender and were killed during the raid. At the current time visiting the experts at home, sheltering criminals, "- said the official.

According to him, the identity of those killed are installed.

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Currency fever continues

Society Belarus has maintained high demand for all types of foreign currencies, in many exchange offices in Minsk on March 25 did not have enough dollars, euros, Russian rubles. At the same time in the shops and markets are rising prices of food and manufactured goods.

In exchange office "BBK" and commercial banks — the queue before opening. Currencies are bought for a few minutes, willing to donate — much less. I talk with visitors exchangers:

Reporter "Have you tried to buy the currency and whether you? '.Girl: "I wanted to buy dollars. But said no."

Reporter "How do you

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Battle of civilizations with Igor Prokopenko (many episodes) watch online

"Clash of Civilizations" — the so-called new project known journalist Igor Prokopenko. Closed hitherto hidden information from the archives will be available only to viewers REN TV. Unique documentary investigations: the undeniable facts, shocking discoveries, sonorous sensation. REN TV will open all of Enigma.

Unidentified, anomalies, other world

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IHT: The Soviet vodgulle in Belarus

Society A metaphor — "Soviet vodgulle" — using today's edition of the International Herald Tribune about what is happening in Belarus after December 19, 2010.

Against the background of harassment of opposition activists in Belarus journalist Michael Shvirts is the fate of Andrew Vilkina, Associate Professor of Physical Education of the Belarusian National Technical University, and chairman of the Federation of Shotokan Karate-Do, who was forced to resign from his job because he and his wife, Svetlana, were arrested on December 19 during the anti-presidential demonstrations in Minsk.

Shvirts emphasizes that Vilkina family had no ties with the opposition and

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Investment activity in the North-West

Analytical center "Expert North-West" has prepared a study "Investment activity in the North-West." We selected investment projects with a total investment of 50 million rubles, the implementation of which is in the district began in 2012. Those with 95. The leader in terms of investment and the number of objects became Leningrad region, by industry superiority belongs to the food industry.

All last year, bankers, analysts, and even some officials noted the low investment business activity in the country, and on the North-West. So nearly a hundred new projects — already a good result. Total volume

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Scientists have proved that telepathy is

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Special operation in Buynaksk November 13, 2010

One soldier received shrapnel wounds during the raid, which took place on Saturday in the Dagestani Buynaksk, said on Sunday, the first deputy minister of internal affairs Dagestan Alexander Trofimov, summing up the special operations. On Saturday, law enforcement officials Dagestan in Buynaksk in Brick Lane in personal house blocked a 3-fighters, was introduced counter-terrorist operation. As a result, the storming of the building caught fire, the militants were killed. According to the NAC, one of the dead was identified as Sahratula Magomedovich Nazhmudinov, the occupant Tsuntin area nicknamed Pashtun — leaders of bandit groups operating in the area Buynakskogo

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