Black Sea bloomed two weeks early because of the cold winter

Algae in the Black Sea began to bloom two weeks earlier than usual, and the last time such a phenomenon was observed three years ago, according to Research and Development Center (RDC) "RDC", based on the analysis of satellite data.

"Vast areas (about 150,000 square kilometers) of blooming coccolithophores — specific phytoplankton species — found in the Black Sea specialists ETC" RDC ", studying pictures from space. Probable cause intense flowering in 2012, which started two weeks before the typical time frame was cold winter and the associated convection (vertical "displacement" of water masses — ed.), "- said in a statement.

Convection, as researchers explain, helps move nutrients for algae substances from the sea floor to the surface, starts rapid multiplication of phytoplankton, which also causes a "bloom" of water.

"Intensive coccolithophores bloom in the Black Sea in May and June is quite a typical phenomenon. Intensities were flowering in 2006 and 2008 after a rather cold winters," — says the statement.

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