House of Taga

On the Mariana Islands are the ruins of a prehistoric time, called latte and representing two parallel rows of length approx. 12 m of vertical panels set up mainly 1.2-1.5 m and a width of 3.7 m, overlaid on top of rocks. These buildings served as a support buildings. The most remarkable of those latte, located on the island of Tinian, known as the "Taga House".

His elegant massive columns rising above the ground by more than 3 meters Archaeological excavations revealed earlier period, submitted red ceramics and vast cemeteries and monuments such as not knowing latte. The radiocarbon date of the period — 1,527 BC The later period, which lasted until the arrival of the Spaniards and marked presence of simple pottery, cremation rites and monuments such as latte, began, obviously, ca. 850 BC

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