In Arkansas, fish die en masse

Currently, American conservationists explain the reasons for the mass death of fish washed up on shore of the Arkansas River, according to a news portal quoting a representative of the Arkansas Commission on hunting and fishing Keith Stevens (Keith Stevens).

According to Stevens, the first reports of the death of the fish appeared on December 30, and the next day arrived at the scene biologists. Total killed about 100 thousand. A few fish were sent to the University of Arkansas to study in the laboratory.

As noted portal, scientists believe that the cause of death of fish could be the disease, which is yet to be announced. Also, in their view, this phenomenon was not caused by contamination of the environment, as in this case would have died a lot more individuals.

Earlier, it was reported that the New Year in the small American town of Beebe in Arkansas began with a mysterious event: New Year's Eve fell from the sky over thousands of dead blackbirds. Birds literally covered roofs and courtyards of the city.

Arkansas Commission on Fish and Wildlife (AFGC) has been receiving reports of birds falling from the sky for about half past eleven. By midnight the area with a radius of 2 km in the city was dotted with Bibi carcasses. About 65 experts carcasses taken to determine the cause of death.

Ornithologists now struggling with the solution of this "bird shower." Among the nominated version — lightning in a bird flock or hail. Experts do not exclude that starts the New Year's Eve fireworks to scare blackbirds from their homes, and they died from stress, reports the "Voice of Russia". The possibility of poisoning of birds and that they have the disease is excluded.

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