In Kerch issued ashore dead anchovy

In Kerch issued ashore dead anchovyNear the bridge, near the village Chelyadinovo, the coast is dotted with anchovy. Fish covers the dense carpet sand large plot poberezhya.Sayt KERCH.COM.UA reported the incident in the Kerch veterinary laboratory for fish diseases. Experts went to the scene and confirmed that they are watching a lot of fish on the shore.

"Currently, we have surveyed the lake Tobechik jumper and head to Cape Taquile. Later we will drive to the village Geroevskoe to determine the length of the coast, on which the fish, — told us the experts. — At first glance, you can determine that the anchovy died a few days ago and was thrown into a storm as it is mixed with sand and seaweed. Symptoms of the disease do not yet see; anchovy plump, fatty. " Experts will select the sample, collect meteorological data and evaluate the situation as a whole to determine what caused the death of fish.

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