Izhorskie mechanical engineers have mastered the new technology


 Experts of the company OMZ Special Steels (part of OMZ) have mastered the technology for large-stamping poludnisch petrochemical vessels.


 Successfully completed the manufacture of an experimental batch of blanks for the reactor R-201, manufactured at the present time Izhorskiye plants for Novokuibyshev refineries. Poludnischa made on an automated forging complex with a press force of 12,000 ton of billets record dimensions: size — 6980h3480 mm thickness — 140 mm, while the radius of the object after the stamping was 2344 mm.

Stamping products such dimensions have not produced any enterprise in Russia, these blanks were purchased from foreign manufacturers.

The technological process of forging was developed by Izhora plants on the basis of calculations of computer modeling, all stages of production preparations were carried out with material science accompanied by the Research Centre "TK" OMZ-Izhora "basic research center of OMZ Group.

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