Moscow snowfall paralyzed and holidays

Heavy snowfall, which began the day in Moscow, paralyzed traffic on the roads of the capital. Throughout the city lined giant cork. The situation is aggravated by the fact that many people rushed to stores for pre-New Year shopping.

Almost fell traffic on the Garden and Boulevard Rings, as well as within them, said "Morning. Ru". Jams formed on nearly all major highways: the Third Ring Road, Shchelkovo highway, road enthusiasts, Ryazan prospectus, Kashirskoye, Trade Union Street, Kutuzov Avenue. The situation is not better in many areas of Moscow. Service "Yandex plug" estimates traffic at 16:30 in 9 points in the traditional for this time of the day five points.

In the capital's traffic police said that traffic congestion is also caused by the fact that the Muscovites and visitors to New Year is traditionally go shopping at the shopping centers, which are run sales.

In this case, it is said inspectors for gifts Muscovites are usually sent to a private car, and them in Moscow for more than three million. To these are added and the cars of visitors from the regions. In this regard, the traffic police urges drivers to go to the shopping centers located on the Ring Road, and not to park there, where he works snow removal equipment.

Note expected communal, from 14:00 to 21:00 in Moscow falls about 5 — 6 cm of snow. Already out on the streets, almost all snow removal equipment. That its operations are not hampered parked cars, road signs put up temporary parking restrictions.

Snowfall in Moscow brought the cyclone "Scarlett." Will sweep the capital until Tuesday. Forecasters expect the four days in fall polumesyachnaya rainfall. At the same drivers on the roads will not only snow drifts and ice.

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