Predictions and Prophecies

Helena Roerich prediction of the invisible sun.

Helena Roerich prediction of the appearance of the invisible Sun "cosmic phenomena it will soon become visible … This phenomenon will be visible for a few moments, but will continue for seven days." (EI Roerich From a letter dated 6/21/52, the)
"Half of the sky occupied by the unusual banner. Nearly invisible light as a vast circle shine, beams run along the edges of it. Furies of terror moved back to the caves, strangled glow sign …
This phenomenon will be soon. Invisible Light — is the new sun, which will pass through our solar system, and for a moment we seem to hide billions of years prior to his most recent visit.
But you can imagine what will make these perturbations appear in the atmosphere is not only the nearest stars, but also in the entire solar system! ". (From a letter EI Roerich was 06/12/48).
"The revival of Russia is the revival of the world. Russia is the death of death around the world. Someone is beginning to realize it. Although more recently, everyone thought the opposite, namely, that the death of Russia is the salvation of the world. (…) Russia is a great challenge and a lesson she had learned earlier than many others. " (EI Roerich From a letter dated 17/12/35.)
"I believe in the Slavic world and believe in victory, judgment, suffering country. Rainbow shining over it. " (EI Roerich From a letter dated 19/11/48).

Prediction of John Bosco.

Prophecies of St. John (Giovanni) Bosco (1815-1888). The famous Italian priest, patron of homeless children and students, founded a monastic community of St. Francis de Sales (now known as the Salesians of Don Bosco). Canonized saints canonized by April 1, 1934. John said of himself: "Do not call me a prophet, until the events that I predicted svershatsya."
Some predictions unusual object in the sky that appears in the sky of our planet is compared with the second moon. Refers to this phenomenon, and John Bosco: "These events have come one after another. They are relentless. But the queen of heaven appear. Power of the Lord in her hands. It will scatter his enemies as a cloud … Then begins a furious hurricane. Injustice will end. Sinners will find its end. And before that, two bright moon, as the full moon rise above the world. High priest sees the bride dressed in his King formal wear … ".
In the following quote of John Bosco, perhaps, it is a second sun (a neutron star), which, at the maximum approach to the Earth will shine as our star, "Worldwide, the sun would appear so bright that such people have never seen. The flames will go down to the place of the feast. Until that day, there was ever such a sun, and will not see him again until the end of days.
It will be a dark night. People will not be able to understand which way to go to return to their homes. Suddenly appears in the sky a bright light that will illuminate the road travelers, as if it were noon. At this time, it was seen many men and women, young and old, nuns and monks, priests with the Holy Father at the head. They walked out of the Vatican and stood in a long procession.
And then came a violent storm, which eclipsed the light, and it seemed that the light and the darkness took part in the battle. At the same time they got to the small area where the bodies were scattered and wounded, some of them crying and asking for help. So many have fallen out of the process …
After this time has passed, which corresponds to two hundred Sunrise … finally came to the end of darkness and sunlight was normal brightness. Cities, towns and villages are populated. Land leveled by the hurricane, storm and hail … ".

Prediction of Leonardo da Vinci.

Prophecy of Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Italian Renaissance artist. Maybe next predictions when it comes to a neutron star ("will come from the sky one"), shifting the Earth's axis, and the catastrophic consequences caused by the gravitation of star — changing topography, capturing part of the earth's crust, atmosphere and hydrosphere of the planet.
Leonardo da Vinci mentioned in the works of the fire from the sky, "People will feel that they are in heaven see the new disasters, they will feel that they fly in the sky, and in the fear of leaving it, escape from fires, erupting out of it …" .
943. Will be great winds, which shall become easterly winds western and noon for the most part, mixed with a run winds will follow him to many countries (the impact on the attraction of the star atmosphere of the Earth, so that the entire planet will begin strongest hurricanes).
942. We'll see how the trees of the great forests of Taurus and Sinai, Apenina and Atlanta running through the air from east to west, from north to south, and they will be in the air a great many people. Oh, how many vows! Oh, how many dead! Oh, how many partings of friends and relatives! And how many will be those that will not see their region or their country and who will die without burial, the bones scattered in different parts of the world!
910. Many will die from crushing the head, and the eyes of them for the most part will pop out of their sockets …
875. Many, too quickly releasing breath, lose sight, and soon all the senses.
Perhaps in predicting № 910 and № 875 Leonardo da Vinci predicted deaths due to a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure as a result of the capture of the Earth's atmosphere of a neutron star.
1011. The great mountain, though far from the sea coast, driving the sea from its place …
1007. Most of the sea to escape the sky and will not return for a long time (the capture of the hydrosphere of the Earth).
1017. Many terrestrial and aquatic animals rise up among the stars …
923. Rapidly fall to the ground one who gives us food and light (high solar activity).
924. Trees and shrubs of the great forests turn into ashes.
951. After all, the earth turns red glow from the many days and the stones will turn to ash.
912. Aquatic animals will die in boiling water.
1009. Many will be those that will grow on its own ruins …
982. People will sleep and eat, and live among the trees born in the woods and fields.
996. Dead people will go through their own guts.
895. Many will gut their home, and will dwell in their own guts (hunger).

Basil prophecy of Monaco horrible star.

Russian prophet Basil Monaco (Monaco?) Was born in Moscow in 1660. During the reign of Peter I the Great lived in an Orthodox monastery near the town of Klin. Predicting future events during the "divine ecstasy," which were written in prose. He died in 1722. Perhaps the manuscript Russian monk was taken abroad after his death. Found a copy of the prophecies Italian writer Renzo Basher and published in the book "Secrets of St. Petersburg — the future of Russia and the world prophecies Basil Monaco", 1992
Prophecy: "The eagle in the sky Russian Lady. Star appears terrible. From its sinister light will burn wood. Many worship the star at the time. Gold idols will be thrown in the dust with the blood of the rich. Will wash the blood of the poor ladder. A pack of wolves will be managed by three jackals of land outside of the rivers. Poor, poor church. Star of blood will be no less fierce than the Eagle. Slavery remains. This will only change the name of …
The end of the war and the beginning of the war of hearts. This time, in Russia, the Mother of God to begin time of suffering and hatred of slavery and damnation …
When the dragons are taken, blood will star (deleted) fade. Will be seen for the last time. Take a long time for the stars, falling to the ground (meteorites?). You will be living in the days of horror, because you will see that the star was a monstrous beast with six heads and twelve horns. Its light will not glow. More blood, stench of corpses. "
"Star disappears, and the moon appears, the crescent will be based on the Kremlin. This is the time when the land of the great river of the great river will wear war. Nowhere in the world will not order. Earth rots to purify the person and human errors. The world will be divided into five parts … then Grace started in the Urals, where the procession will love.
White land will write the history of death. Black earth will write the history of life. Moscow, without Constantinople and Rome, is an orphan. The moon will darken as the souls of men. Holy Russia is still living in the catacombs.
O Holy Night is the holy sword, will begin the Great War. Things happen when people celebrate peace. Many demolish the graveyard of wounds and hunger, when the moon will be flying the flag over the Kremlin …
"The day will come when you will find the Black Sea near the Urals and the Caspian Sea at the height of the Volga, because everything will change …. There will be new mountains and rivers. New plants and stones. Angel of the Lord infuse the breath of life. The earth will be purified as a fruit. Many of the rivers and the sea will disappear, new rivers and seas will rise from the ground. The relics of the Holy Mother will find on the sand of the Black Sea and the mountains of Kiev.
When all the people on Earth will change, it will be a true brotherhood, few survivors will descend from the mountains, and embrace, because a new breath of life comes not from the sea and the mountains. When three era ended, the man returns to the cave to learn how to live. "

Mother Shipton's Prophecy of Fire "Dragon" (star).

Mother Shipton (1488-1561), who at birth was given the name Ursula Sautel and later for witchcraft called "Yorkshire witch," warned the future children of upcoming disasters. In predicting the witch speaks of "Flame Dragon", that is a neutron star, which is well known in South-East Asia, as well as ("fiery serpent") Indians of Central America.

The death of the old world, he shall sound his horn
And the world will be born a new term.
And the fiery dragon will cross the firmament
Six times, until the old world dies.
I hear the trembling earth cried
From these six precursors finals
Seven days and seven nights, so abide.
Anyone see this sign.
Tides smash foothills.
Earth asunder down to the coast.
Husband will run away from the flood,
Raping his sister and daughter, and mother.
And the blood stream to pour thousands of hands,
And stained the earth all around.
When the dragon's tail from the heavens go,
Forget quarrels husband and his anger will pass.
Once again, your dragon will bring the flame
And the pieces of the tail the whole Earth will break.
All the oceans of the earth will go into the
And the king, and slave — all going to die of thirst.
Return water, the light will dispel the darkness
Pieces of the Earth meet. Be it!
At the edge of the world where the chestnut blossoms
People recover from past wounds.
Leaving home, and taking only water, bread,
Go in search of fate.
Survivors of them who would not die
Lay a new human race.
But it will be damned to drag the rest of days
Among the rotting bodies of animals and people.
And a new earth that rise from the sea,
That, as before, will be milder, drier and Clean
Free from human vices and passions.
She vzleleet new generation of people.
Be afraid of this new light
Tail of the dragon flame for many years.
But time will wipe away the memory wipe out fear.
Do not believe me? But it will be so!
While this race will not wait for better days,
From the sky will come silver serpent.
He izrygnet unseen people
What they bring to the world some of its blood.
Vices alien land by the people
Give reason to the new human race.
And with it mixed to show
How to live, love and help.
Their children will clearly see the essence of things.
That marvelous gift will change the lives of people.
With their mind beauty and kindness
Come to the golden age of our Earth.
Flaming Dragon's Tail — Character
The fall of the spirit, of all people's sins …
… Dry up all the patience of mountains
And the ashes will escape as reproach.
Land over the town in the country,
Which is not yet known to me …
… And then, as this will be a sign,
Then my prophecy come true.
My vault is burned, and the spirit is released.

"Six times the cross," apparently caused by the convergence of Typhon disaster to our planet will continue for six days. In Akkadian and Babylonian cuneiform texts mention that the flood in the "Year of the Dragon" lasted seven days. Perhaps the neutron star in its rapprochement with the Earth will be at a great distance from Earth, and the effects of its gravitational effects are not as devastating, as compared to the cataclysm that occurred in the distant past.
Once again, his dragon flame will — according to rough estimates, the average velocity of the neutron star in its orbit about 1 km / s., That is, it moves very slowly. Earth revolving around the sun at an average speed of 29, 76 km / s at 1 year and four months catch a star, which is not yet time to leave the earth's orbit. Be repeated closer to this terrible celestial body.

Hildegard von Bingen prediction about the dreaded "comet."

Abbess Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) as early as the tenth century after Christ warned of the dreaded "comet" close to our planet, "By the end of the world of mankind will be purified through sufferings. This will be particularly true of the clergy, who will be deprived of all property. When the clergy take a simple life, conditions will improve. "
Even before the comet arrives (probably a neutron star — Comm. SV), many people, except for the righteous, will be wiped out by poverty and hunger. Great people living overseas (America), inhabited by people of different tribes and generations will be ruined by an earthquake, a hurricane and tidal waves. It will be divided, and most will be under water. This nation will see a lot of misery to the sea. He will lose its colonies in the east between the Tiger and Lion. His tremendous pressure from the ocean Comet replace so much water that it will flood many countries and cause of poverty and various diseases. All coastal cities will be flooded, and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves. Most living things die, and even those who could escape to die of horrible diseases. And there will not be one of those cities live person on God's command. "
Perhaps the prophecy says when Hildegard star that accompanies extensive gas-dust cloud. Astronomers call the comet, "visible nothing." With its impressive size, they have a negligible mass (compared to Earth) and cause tidal waves can not.

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