Reconstruction of the CHP Chita has reduced water use from Lake Kenon

TGK-14 launched the work on the largest Chita CHP-1 turbine № 6, after which the reconstruction of annual water use from being in the city limits of Lake Kenon decreased by 11 million cubic meters or 14%, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a company spokesman.

TPP-1 uses lake water to cool the turbine condensers. After cooling, water vapor returns to Canan. To maintain the level of the lake is located a few kilometers of the river Ingoda pumped from 6 million to 12 million tons of water per year.

"Ecological effects of starting sixth turbine expressed in the first place, to reduce thermal pollution entering the lake. Annual withdrawals from the lake ranges 90-100 million cubic meters. Thanks to the reconstruction, this volume was reduced by 11 million tons," — said.

Also experts predict TGC-14 energy efficiency and reducing the number of stations required to operate the fuel — coal.

"Reducing the cost of 6-7 thousand tons of coal per year will reduce the harmful effects on the environment from the release of solid and gaseous pollutants. Coming out ash waste from coal to decline by 1.5-2 tons per year", — said the representative of company.

The investment project was the final phase of the reconstruction of heating plant equipment, conducted by means of IPO in 2008. Reconstruction of power unit № 6 cost the company 157 million rubles, and lasted 20 months.

The project was built bridge between boiler plants, water treatment system was reconstructed and reconstructed turbine translated into pressure. As a result, thermal power turbine has increased by 131 Gcal / h. Specific fuel consumption for thermal energy decreased by 1.5%, electricity — by 3%.

JSC "TGC-14" has TPP in Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal region. It is the smallest of THC, installed capacity of all the plants is 639 MW.

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