Vaclav Havel sent a letter Natalia Radina

Journalist Natalia Radin, who is accused of organizing mass riots and participating in them, received a letter from the former Czech President Vaclav Havel and friends of the Czech organization "Civil Belarus".

In a letter to the journalist on the occasion of the will expressed solidarity and support:

"We hope to keep track of your civil protest against the progress and results presidential election and were outraged by the brutal measures evidence against you by the police and the KGB. We carefully and anxiously read the news about the political Situation in Belarus and would like to assure you that in these difficult times we are thinking of you and your family and plan to continue pay attention international community to the violation of the fundamental Human Rights and a citizen of your country. We have long been trying to increase international pressure for the release of unjustly imprisoned and to stop the persecution and criminalization of the opposition. Persecution for their political views and non-admission to the prison doctors and lawyers we believe is incompatible with the basic principles of democracy and the rule of law, "the letter said.

Natalia Radin said, "Freedom": "I'm certainly glad that expressed solidarity. I am now in exile in Kobrin and continue my work. And solidarity is very important for me. "


area, Czech Republic

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