Verdict Parfiankou left unchanged

It has considered the Company's board of judges: Chairman Nazarenko with the participation Mole and Khomich.

According to the human rights organization "Spring", personally Basil Parfiankou the trial was not. His interests were represented by counsel andgar Papkovsky. In his speech, he drew the court's attention to the fact that the findings of the judge Olga Komar incorrect because in his client's no crime riots. The lawyer asked to cancel the sentence Parfiankou and stop the prosecution.

In this case, the lawyer also pointed out that the sentence appears "destruction of property", but even a civil plaintiff spoke of "property damage", which implies that there is no part 2 of art.293 of the Criminal Code.

Prosecutor Zagarodki did not agree with the arguments of the complaint and argued that the fault is proved the case.

Judicial board did not grant the appeal Basil Parfiankou. The sentence remains unchanged.

Recall activist Staff Vladimir Neklyaeva Vasily Parfenkov was arrested Jan. 4 as a suspect in the riots on December 19 in Minsk. Parfiankou charged under Part 2 of art.293 — "participating in the riots." February 17 Frunze district court of Minsk (Judge Olga Komar), he was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment in a penal colony. Filed a cassation complaint, lawyer Igor Papkovsky

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