Autoradio challenged the ban on broadcasting

Society Today, the Supreme Economic Court of Belarus will continue to review claims "Autoradio" which challenges the denial of terrestrial broadcasting.

According to the head of the radio station Yuri Bazan, scheduled for March 28 hearing on the suit to invalidate the notice of the Ministry of Information. There will also be continued preliminary hearing on the suit to invalidate the decision to cancel the right of the radio station to broadcast rendered the Republican Commission on Television and Radio Belarus, "Interfax".

March 17 appeal board of the Supreme Economic Court of Belarus on the basis of the appeal hearing

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Will it blackmail against Azerbaijan?

Armenian candidate Gabala radar station

Our homeland is already building the latest radar on the ground Armenia, in Armavir region. This was announced yesterday Regnum head of research bureau Alte Et Certe (Moscow) Andrei Epifantsev. According to him, the object of Armavir will do the same tasks as the Gabala radar station.

"Here the question of where to have a radar station — in Armenia or Azerbaijan, losing relevance," — said the expert.

The lease of Gabala radar station coming in 2012, and is currently being negotiated by its extension. The process is delayed, as Azerbaijan has significantly increment rental

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Innovation in nuclear energy. OKBM, Nizhny Novgorod

Commercials for a contest of Russian industrial companies. Nizhny Novgorod plant of "OKBM" is engaged in the development of projects in the nuclear industry for almost 70 years, many developing Russian companies have no analogues in the world, for example, the creation of floating nuclear power plants to operate in the Arctic, Far North, East Siberia and the Far East. Innovation and development in the energy industry are important today as ever. People continue to look for a replacement energy sources such as coal, oil and gas. Enjoying an interesting movie about the newest projects in a complex, high technology

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Innovation VSMPO for the aerospace industry

Possiysky titanium producer — Corporation "VSMPO" in 2012 developed a number of innovations that will be needed aerospace industry, a major consumer products company. In recent years, the share of contracts with aircraft manufacturers is 65-70% of the portfolio of the corporation.

So, was patented process for the production of skull in a vacuum arc furnace bullion electrodes from refractory highly reactive metals and titanium alloys used in aerospace engineering and shipbuilding. This invention allows to reduce manufacturing costs ingots electrodes by reducing the complexity and increasing metal yield.

Furthermore, the "VSMPO" has developed a

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UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on the Russian Human Rights

Member States of the UN Human Rights Council, other than the United States and the European Union on Thursday voted to Russian draft resolution suggests a link between human rights and the values of the classical world's population, said the press service of the Foreign Ministry.

"The Council of the UN Human Rights absolute majority passed a resolution entitled" Promotion of human rights and main freedoms through a profound understanding of the common values of humanity ", the introduction of Russian Federation. Co-authors of the document were more than 60 states, including collectively — members of the Organization of Islamic

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Irina Gubskaya arrested for three days

Society BCD activist Irina Gubskaya charged with disorderly conduct (for profanity), and was sentenced to three days' imprisonment.

About This was announced 's Human Rights Center "Viasna".

The trial took place in the court of the Soviet district of Minsk. All the time in prison on March 25, Akrestin girl held a hunger strike.

Ivashkevich, who was detained on March 25 near Yakub Kolas charged with disorderly conduct. The Court must take place in the Soviet District Court.

One of the leaders of the "Young Front" Nikolai Demidenko, is expected to be tried in court Pershamaiski district of Minsk.

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Already weekend, June 11-12

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

On Saturday …

…no rain on Sunday evening sprinkle. Temperature: 16-26.


11 — In Shanghai begins a nine international festival.

11 — Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia in Moscow.

12 — Parliamentary elections in Turkey.

12 — Chinese President Hu Tszintao begins four-day visit to Kazakhstan.

Do not pass:

"Concert on the Grass", June 11, in a remote area "Chablis." "Krambambulya" presents a new program "Drabadi-Drabada", "J-Morse" playing "A lot of the sky", other groups are

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Aliens, the seizure of the Moon

Stalin at the Potsdam Conference, makes a statement, plunged into shock heads of other countries. It offers two sides discussed the issue. And not just to discuss and sign an agreement on the division of the moon with the top priorities of the USSR.

Category: UFOs and aliens

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NEW GERMAN GUN Multiple RMG-7, 62

The symposium Medium Calibre Day in Zurich German company Rheinmetall announced the development of multi-machine gun chambered for 7.62 x51, reports   New gun created for installation in combat modules with remote control and as a coaxial tank gun weapon has title RMG-7, 62 (Rheinmetall Machine Gun) and has an unusual design. Gun resettled and integrated into the motor frame. This allows you to simply install it in combat units with remote control, for which, at first, it is intended.   RMG-7, 62 has three barrel, but it is not vysokoskorostrelny Gatling gun system. The highest rate of

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In the Atacama Desert in Chile began unusually stormy season flowering

Unprecedented in the last 20 years, flowering plants can be seen in the driest desert in the world. At 600 kilometers north of Santiago de Chile, along the road leading to the National Park Llanos de Chales (Llanos de Challes) in the Atacama Desert, spread endless carpet of flowers — is extremely rare for this region.

Local enthusiasts, environmentalists complain about unscrupulous tourists who want to take away the memory of the famous flower of the desert: "We have more than 200 endemic species of flowers, that is, those that do not grow anywhere else in the world. 14 of

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