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No matter what reform can not take place without serious consequences. An attempt to reconstruct the system is often associated with the need to sacrifice some principles at the expense of others. It's hard to imagine being that any reform in general can be supported by an absolute majority of the population of the country, unless, of course, it does not carry the trivial short-term benefits. But at least some adekvatnomyslyaschy man gives himself to report that failure to reform one way or another industry, even seeming model of stability and positive economic experience, can lead to stagnation at first,

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Pochobut accused of insulting Lukashenko

Society "Gazeta Wyborcza" in Belarus Andrzej Poczobut received the status of a suspect in a criminal case of insulting the president.

Today Pochobut summoned to the prosecutor's office of the Grodno region. The investigator for particularly important cases Arseny Nicholas reported that the journalist prosecuted under Article 368 of the Criminal Code — insulting the President of the Republic of Belarus, said, "Freedom" Pochobut. Now he's a suspect. The case started the prosecutor of Grodno Region Victor Morozov on the basis of eight articles in the "Gazeta Wyborcza", one — at "Belarusian partisan" and another one — in the private

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Foreigners invest more money in Primorye

From the beginning, the economic development of Primorsky Krai sent 40.2 billion. The share of private investment increased by 10 percent compared to last year.

As explained in the Department of Economics of Primorye, is changing the structure of investment. Increased almost three times the share of investments aimed at developing the manufacturing sector, social services and health care, while in the period of preparation for the APEC accounted for the bulk of investment in the construction industry.


Also increased interest of foreign partners to the Primorsky Krai. At the end of

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Foreign students brought Ukraine more than 4 billion USD

Foreign students in the 2012-13 school year, filled the Ukrainian treasury of 4.3 billion hryvnia as tuition fees, says Education Minister Dmitry Tabachnik, pass Details.

In Ukraine are educated more than 60,000 inostranntsev

"Every year they bring in to the Treasury of Ukraine increased by 500 million hryvnia. During the 2012-13 year, foreign students are left as tuition fees 4.3 billion hryvnia. Moreover, people live here, eat, have fun," — said Tabachnik reporters on Tuesday in Kiev.

He noted that in Ukraine there are 61,000 foreign students.

 Tabachnik said that

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The Central Asian direction of Eurasian integration

Eurasian integration grows: Customs alliance already in action, and indicates good results. Completely natural that the entry into the Eurasian integration associations are tried their potential new members.

Since the beginning of the unification process it more possible new entrant was listed Kyrgyzstan. In May 2011, Bishkek made an official announcement of its intention to enter into the Customs alliance. With all of this from the very beginning of Kyrgyzstan has put forward a number of criteria own entry into the union. Namely, Kyrgyzstan insisted on a temporary abolition of export duty oil and oil coming from the territory of

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Foreign students come to study in Palo

1,100 foreign students were enrolled in 2013 in the Far Eastern Federal University. Thus, the number of foreigners in Palo reached 7.4% of the total contingent of students in high school, which exceeds Development Programme index of 6%. Recall, the proportion of foreign students in Palo in 2019 should reach 25%.

As the director of the department of international educational projects Palo Andrew Bobylo, the vast majority of foreign students enrolled in Palo in 2013, PRC citizens. In second place students from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the order of which was received from the State Corporation

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Shaw shows and came

Society Every day during the summer on the site of Liberty new page book by Alexander Lukashuk "Liharev. Oswald in Minsk."

Oswald waited.

Diary of LHA January 7, 1960

Come to Minsk, met two women from the Red Cross, go to the hotel "Minsk", I take a room acquainted with Rosa and Stelinay, the two collaborators Intourist Hotel, which speak in English. Steline 40, beautiful, married with a young child, Rose about 23, blonde, pretty, single, perfect English, we immediately chose each other.

January 8, 1960

I meet with the mayor of fellow Sharapova, who welcomed me and promised

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Off the coast of Indonesias Sumatra earthquake magnitude 5

Along the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra earthquake with magnitude 5. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake was located at a depth of 15.9 km. Tremors were recorded at 193 km from g.Sibolga, RBC reports. No casualties or damage were reported information. Tsunami warning has not been declared. Recall, Indonesia is located in a seismically active area known as the Pacific Ring of Fire volcanic. Due to the earthquake in the country occur regularly. On Sumatra happened powerful earthquake October 25, 2010, in the wake behind him followed the eruption of Mount Merapi.

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The Benny Hill Show watch online

A well-known English comic episode, "Shaw Benny Hill "is a series of funny sketches on a variety of topics. The main role is played by a big-name comedian Alfred Hawthorn Hill, who took the pen name in honor of his own beloved South American comedian Jack Benny, has become known whole world, just like Benny Hill. This is a mega show in the world for the first time saw the light in 1969, and since then, for two long decades firmly cemented its position in the UK television. Funny situations, beating inimitable Benny Hill have seen in over 150

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Central Asian point blank

On October 5, Vladimir Putin will fly to Dushanbe and will meet there with Emomali Rahmon. The two presidents are expected to discuss, as it is read in the official language, the issues of bilateral cooperation.

Question such typed much: here and the economy, and contacts in the field of security, and the theme of cooperation in integration associations, and various regional challenges.

Central Fri coming in Dushanbe Tajik-Russian negotiations will likely sign an agreement on extending the stay on the territory of Tajikistan 201st Russian military base.

Also, representatives of Dushanbe very concerned the financial component of the visit

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