Iron Scouts


First, the 1960s in Russian Union began work on a new "steel" Scouting for spoofing already obsolescent by the time BRDM armored reconnaissance vehicle, was in service with the intelligence units of the Russian army. In 1962, KB Gorky car running head designer VA Dedkova began designing machines of the last generation — BRDM-2. And on May 22 the same year, armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle BRDM-2 was adopted by order of the Minister of Defence. For the first time BRDM-2 showed to the public at the parade on Moscow's Red Square in 1966. BRDM-2 was performed serially

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Cases Statkevich and Uss is prepared to court

Society March 29 Department of preliminary investigation of Minsk police handed over to the prosecutor of Minsk to be sent to court the criminal case against ex-presidential candidates Nikolai Statkevich and Dmitri Uss.

About This was announcedManagement of Information and Public Relations Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

March 18 both former presidential candidates were charged with organizing mass riots on December 19 2010.

In the city prosecutor's office also sent materials to other prisoners, passing on the caseAlexandra Kvyatkevicha, Dmitri Bulanov, Andrei Pozniak, Artyom Gribkova accused of committing an offense under Part 2 of Art. 293 of the

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Information about the failure of the test submarine Severodvinsk is not true

MOSCOW, August 15. (ARMS-TASS). Some media reports about the failure of the test a nuclear submarine with missile torpedo (CARDS) Project 885 (code "Ash") "Severodvinsk" is not true, according to Itar-Tass official representative of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

"Appeared in some media allegations of serious deficiencies identified during testing of nuclear submarine" Severodvinsk "4th generation have no foundation," — he said. "Submarine" Severodvinsk "is successfully implementing the factory sea trials in the White Sea in full accordance with the approved program," — said the official.

As explained by the ITAR-TASS Head of the state defense

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The Wall Street Journal: Belarus devalues money

Society So estimates U.S. edition for business The Wall Street Journal last decision of the National Bank of Belarus (NBB).

Belarus is actually allowed a 10 percent devaluation of its currency in the interbank market, but it was unclear whether will be such a financial action to allow authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko to strengthen public finances.

Higher prices for imported Russian oil and a sharp increase in government spending contributed to the emergence of Belarus in the huge trade deficit, and "eaten" by the country's foreign exchange reserves, which dropped by 30% since the end of last year.

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Metal fist Israel

Israel is considered majestic Tank Power: IDF tank fleet is one of the largest in the world — it is armed with 4 to 5 thousand tanks, built by Israeli tank Merkava tank factories, according to the views of many professionals to be the best in the world's main battle tank, the Israeli tankers possess invaluable combat experience gained in numerous wars and armed conflicts.

Israeli military sample had a significant impact on the development of policies and strategies of Armored Forces: Israeli generals tankers Yisrael Tal and Moshe Peled presented in the hall Lofty Panzer tank commander in

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Tropical Storm Isaac would not be as devastating as Katrina

Tropical cyclone "Isaac" will not be as devastating as "Katrina," said the head of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

"Another tropical depression was released today on the coast of the United States -" Isaac ", though its trajectory like" Katrina ", but its power is below, as per the American experts, it will be a little east and would not affect the dam of New Orleans" — said on Vilfand a press conference in Moscow.

Previously reported that swept over Haiti "Isaac" completely destroyed 335 houses, more than 2.5 thousand houses severely damaged. Nearly 15,000 people have been evacuated.

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The smaller the currency, the exchange rate more

Society In Belarus returns a system whereby foreign exchange in different situations have different costs. National Bank recommended the purchase and sale of foreign currency between banks and business entities at the rate will not deviate from the official by more than 10%.

Earlier this corridor could not exceed 2%. The news is not for sale through currency exchange offices, but there is no guarantee that mnozhnasts rates again becomes a reality.

Such a move in the National Bank explained that the banks will have more opportunities to meet the demand of Belarusian enterprises in the foreign exchange

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Information security is becoming more affordable

Launched information and analysis web site of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation "Portal Crime Statistics". The best selection is at and is dedicated to crime statistics.

"The general approach taken in the direction of greater transparency and availability of data on the activities of government, is today one of the foundations of government. Starting the "Portal of legal social statistics" — a significant event. Information security in a given region, the quality of law enforcement on the ground, is one of the most in demand by citizens of the country. Launched today,

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Secrets of the Ages Watch online

A series of documentary films, under the general title "The Mystery of the Century" touches on a variety of issues, and for which there is still no concrete answers — historians interpret these facts each on-its own way. In this series you will learn about a variety of characters — that the people included in the story, mysterious characters, life which is covered lurking, famous actors, fate which as before to motivate the audience. The creators of the cycle will try to shed some light on life and the mystery of the death of Chkalov, to find answers to

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Steel door — a reliable convenience

Protect your home from burglary — care, first of its owner. And it begins with the installation of a reliable door. According to the annotations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, stainless steel door shall be made of 2 sheets of metal width greater than 5 mm. Certainly the presence of 2 different locks mounted on a distance of 30 cm or more from each other. And so the door will not allow you to guarantee complete safety, because "Bulgarian" — a favorite tool burglars, virtually all the cuts, and your luxurious furniture Myagenko Ryazan prices, by

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