Belneftehim again increase prices of petroleum products

Society March 31, the retail prices of petroleum products which are released in Belarus to consumers at the gas station enterprises of the concern "Belneftekhim", rising by an average of 10.3%.

The order was signed by the concern on March 29, Interfax reports.

In the order of price increases due to the increase in oil prices worldwide.

March 31, the cost of 1 liter avtabenzinu mark "Normal-80" VAT amount to 3,150 rubles (10.5%), "A-92" — 3.3 million (up 10%), "A-95" — 3750 thousand (Up 10.3%), diesel fuel — 3.15 million (up 10.5%).

This increase — the second in March. March

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Tested a new shield Skuratovsky plant

Tunnel complex mechanized, with a diameter 5.6 m

September 20th, 2012 at OJSC "Metrostroy" — Mechanization passed the first test of the new sewn, designed for tunneling underground. Mechanism, called the KTPM 5.6 (Mechanized Tunnel complex, diameter 5.6 m), developed by Skuratovskaya plant in Tula commissioned by the St. Petersburg Metrostroiteley.

This equipment is intended to replace Yasinovatskiy shields, using that for 20-30 years was constructed the main part of the Petersburg underground tunnels and the use of which in 1981 set a world record speed of penetration — 1250 meters per month.

KTPM 5.6 closely follows the

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The oldest active ship of the Russian Navy

How many years of living ships? There is no clear answer to this question will most likely not find in textbooks on seamanship. Then you can try to find the most current oldish ship in the Navy.As part of the Black Sea Fleet, based in Sevastopol, is the oldest ship of the Navy of the Russian Federation — a rescue ship catamaran "Commune", which is already in service 99 years.

1. Lifesaving ship-catamaran "Commune" — Oldest Acquisition ship Russian Black Sea Fleet. November 12, 2012 will mark the 100th year anniversary of the day or bookmark ship.

2. The project

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Not again will last for years immoral bargaining political prisoners? ..

Society Many authors messages addressed to "Freedom", still remember the events of the 19th of December in Minsk, which resulted in mass arrests of political opponents of the regime. In Belarus, continuing trial of detainees while political and social activists. So last week arrested on the eve of December 19 Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau were convicted of one — two and one — four years in prison.

This sentence has responded Vitaly Zarembo from Minsk, from a letter which will start today's conversation. Outraged by the youth activists on dubious charges received prison sentences, a listener writes:

"The way the

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80 years old Ilyushin KB

January 13, 1933 was established the Development Department, headed by Sergei Ilyushin.

"Sergei was not a prominent designer, but well versed in matters of aviation, and most importantly, it appears that he wanted to create with his young staff — says the correspondent of the" living legend "- chief designer of OKB Ilyushin in the years 1970-2005, academician, Hero of Socialist Labor Henry Novozhylov.

We are sitting in his office on the fourth floor of the famous KB. At the entrance to the building on the pedestal stands the

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Ancient pepper pot: hand-held instrument

■ FRENCH PEPPERBOKS stiletto XIX century from the collection of the Museum of Tula. The scheme pepperboksa allowed to "surround" the trunks every round or multifaceted handset.

Man has always dreamed of killing 2-birds with one stone. And better not 2-and immediately 20. Because small hand gun overgrown tree trunks, like a hedgehog — needles. There are guns like "duck foot" double-barreled, multi-barreled machine guns. In the end, the evolution has come to a multiply-charged single-barreled weapons, but it was forgotten by another branch of generation which were not very functional, but very beautiful. Their name — pepperboksy.


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New American secret unobtrusive UAV RQ-180

Magazine «Aviation Week & Space Technology » in its issue of December 9, 2013 makes the main theme (and material) for the first time posted exclusive information about the brand new South American secret unobtrusive bolshennom reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle Northtop Grumman RQ-180, developed by one of the «dark» U.S. Department of Defense programs. UAV Northtop Grumman RQ-180 represents a new generation of unmanned systems designed, unlike slow UAVs like General Atomics Predator and Reaper, for action in «inaccessible» or «contested» airspace — in other words the criteria enemy resistance, which owns advanced air defense system and the Air Force.

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Executed a contract to develop MKSBR for Megaphone

Omsk Production Association "Radiozavod them. AS Popova "fulfilled a contract to develop a mobile communication complex for rapid deployment (MKSBR) for the Far East Branch of OJSC" MegaFon ".


October 3, 2011 in Omsk held operational testing MKSBR. The tests took place in the presence of observers — the leading specialist operators Rostelecom, MegaFon, MTS, «TELE 2".

At the conclusion of the technical director of MTS branch in the Omsk region Vitaly TEAP, "Mobile communications system design OmPA" Radiozavod them. AS Popova "extremely necessary to cellular operators in public events to increase capacity in the

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One third of shark species are threatened with extinction

Almost a third of all shark species are threatened with extinction, while the main leaders of the country to lay their catch measures to preserve their numbers, said Thursday environmental program TRAFFIC. "A decade after the adoption of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization of the international plan to conserve sharks about 30% of all shark species are threatened with extinction. This indicates that the plan has yet to be done, "- said the international conservation organization.

This conclusion was made after the research organization of the twenty largest catch of sharks States miners and measures to preserve the number

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Machine gun SG-43 (machine gun Goryunova)

14 designs in the middle of guns, examined from August 1942 to June 1943 a commission under the chairmanship of Major General Smirnov, the head of course "The Shot", a machine gun Goryunova (SHG — "PM Gorunov — V. Voronkov — MM Gorunov ") was not among the favorites. But the original design and simplicity of the device led to advise this gun for completion and the subsequent tests.

First, in May 1943 were carried out comparative tests of advanced DC-43 machine gun Degtyarev and SHG, which became the main contenders. According to the Commission, the gun Goryunova compared with

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