Tests of Su-25UBM fully implemented

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Certificate of completion of state joint tests double modernized Su-25UBM to be signed in September 2011, a source in the military-industrial complex.

He noted that some failure in the timing of the completion of testing stormtrooper not relative to the plane, the tests carried out in full, including the combat use of the Su-25UBM.

The Su-25UBM can be used successfully both as a training aircraft for the flight personnel assault units Air Force and to conduct full-fledged war. Flight characteristics of the aircraft Su-25UBM practically coincide with the characteristics of the Su-25UB, but the combat

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Steve Jobs made a favor of the Russian Federation

November 1, 2011: Soon after it was announced the brand new Apple iPhone 4S, in Russia, many were surprised. The reason for this was the feature of the 4S, which is not quite who noted outside Russia: 4S compatible with the Russian satellite navigation system GLONASS. It was a really exciting event for RF, whose efforts on putting GLONASS operation took 35 years. In fact GLONASS fully put into operation eight days before the 4S came out on the market, and a month after the final approval of the design 4S and the beginning of its mass production. So Russia

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Bandazheuski: Emissions from Fukushima — a danger to Belarus

Society The head of the coordination of the analytical center "Ecology and Health" (Kiev), MD, Professor Yuri Bandazheuski believes that emissions of radiation on the "Fukushima-1" are dangerous for the population of Belarus.

On He said, Belarusian population has undergone intensive radiation exposure since 1960. "Given the radiation received after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in the body of virtually every citizen of Belarus has radioactive elements — said Bandazheuski. — In particular, the result is poor health of Belarusians. In this situation, an additional amount of radioactive iodine and cesium, which is not excluded , will

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Tests Scorpion LSHA B / Part 2

The exhibition "Engineering Technologies — 2012" JSC "Corporation" Protection "proudly displayed armored vehicle Scorpio LSHA B, at the end of May this year, has successfully passed tests for fire and undermine organized by the Ministry of Defense.

2. Immediately fire and explosions car looked like. As we can see, for easy transport to the exhibition he just welded and fixed wheels torn remains of the engine


4. The marks of bullets


6. Windshield

7. Right at the door commander

8. The

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Degree motorizovannosti Wehrmacht

The armed forces of Germany during Hitler — Wehrmacht, very much mythologized.

One such legend is — the image of highly maneuverable army that almost all moved on BTR-ah, trucks, bikes. This is depicted in the feature films: Russian Red Army is constantly on foot, in the best case on the carts. The German army is, 100% of motorized and moving "lightning", bypasses the fortified positions, not just the songs, surrounding our hundreds of thousands of infantrymen.

But — this is another myth, the filmmakers made, one hundred percent motorized was very unimportant part of the Wehrmacht. More 80%

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European lawyers called on the Minister of Justice of Belarus to stop the persecution of lawyers

Society The European Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (ESBA) appealed to the Minister of Justice of Belarus Viktor Golovanov an open letter in which he demands an end to the persecution of Belarusian lawyers and provide legal aid arrested on charges of rioting in Minsk on December 19.

European lawyers from the Department of Justice require written proof of these claims.

"We are deeply concerned by attempts to prevent lawyers in Belarus to carry out their professional duties and the fact that the people arrested after protests December 19, including four former presidential candidates, were denied access to lawyers," —

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UFO still flew to the U.S.?

Amazing new details emerged in the so-called "Roswell case" about UFOs. Recall, in these days of ufologists from around the world are preparing to celebrate a unique anniversary — 60 years ago in the U.S. there was an incident, which sparked a craze ufology. In early July 1947 the U.S. air base of Roswell officials first reported the discovery of a flying saucer debris, and then denied this.

Became aware of the death of Lieutenant Walter Haut, who was responsible for public relations at the air base of Roswell in 1947. That he was the man who on

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Stepan Razin. The anniversary of the capture of

In 1630, a family of wealthy Cossacks born Stepan Razin. First documentary mention of Razin dated 1652, in connection with his petition for leave to make a pilgrimage to the Solovetsky monastery. He was one of the Cherkassy Cossacks, who in 1658 was sent to the capital Ambassadorial order. And then doing the fundamental T. Stepan order of the Russian government. Together with Ivan Isakov, the Don and the Zaporozhye Cossacks in 1661, Stepan Razin was involved in negotiations with the Kalmyks to stand together against the Crimean Tatars and Nogais. In 1663, Razin led large Cossack squad with Don

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Dangerous virus killed 60% of the harvest of oysters in France

Flora and fauna of the coastline of France suffers from a dangerous virus, which has killed at least 60% of one of the most popular commercial groups of marine invertebrates — oysters The situation is complicated by the fact that in addition to France, most of the population of oysters died in Japan — because of the disaster on March 11. Thus, France, supplying an elite meat to world markets, can not compensate for damage to imports. As reported by Bloomberg, the situation in the industry vendors, delicious food, restaurants many times already forced to raise prices for shellfish dishes.

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«Raytheon» presented a new remote control system MODULAR WEAPON

The conference, which will be held September 18-19, Raytheon Company will present the latest remote control system with modular weapons encompassing electro-optical infrared and visual sensors, precisely defining goal beyond maximum range shooting, reports ASDNews September 17. Brand new system twice the competing standards.   «This system provides the commander of the combat vehicle overestimated the ability to perform tasks. The system can simply be installed in various combat platforms, «says vice president of network-centric systems sensors sensing instruments of Glyn Reimer (Glynn Raymer).   The system is designed to equip tracked and wheeled combat vehicles, providing a 360

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