How to pump oil from the well? Ltd. Diamond — equipment manufacturer (PHOTOS)

The report's author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

When you start to talk about oil production, it immediately raises the picture Shaking machine. But beyond that there is quite a subtle electric submersible pumps that operate inside the well at the bottom. And on top fittings — and the mouth of the electrical cabinet.

In the middle of our expedition, "City of the Arctic Circle," we drove into the city at the invitation of the Rainbow OOO "Diamond", and those who produce the most pumps. After a week of traveling in the car, where we slept, it was nice

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How to meet the astronauts. Training before planting

Aviation Group and other units of the 2nd Air Force and Air Defense Command of the Central Military District completed the training of search and rescue operations at landing lander manned spacecraft "Soyuz-TMA".

Airmen work out methods of practical actions of search and rescue capabilities in the daytime and at night. According to the plan training the crew of "Soyuz-TMA" splashed down in the Lake District Uvelsky Kichigina in the Chelyabinsk region.

Search and rescue forces, after a short search found the beacon signals conditional astronauts spent dropping rescue parachute from a height of 1200 meters and with

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Su-34 in Lipetsk

Shown on freshest photoshoot located in Lipetsk 4th Municipal Center aviation personnel training and military trials of the new front-line bomber Sou-34 bearing the number "10 reddish" (serial number 02-10) — one of the last cars built in 2011. Aircraft assigned to the 7000 th Air Base at the airport Baltimore (Voronezh), where he arrived on 22 December, but in January 2012 in conjunction with other the Baltimore Sou-34 is in Lipetsk. Pictures made March 29, 2012.

Su-34 ("10 reddish"). Lipetsk, 29.03.2012 (c) Air Force Major /

Su-34 ("10 reddish"), And other Su-34. Lipetsk, 29.03.2012 (C) Air Force

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Nikita Lihavid postpones hunger strike and asked paberagchysya Budimir and Malaletkina

Society Nikita's mother Lihavida Elena said her son's decision to postpone the strike at a time when his appeal against the verdict of the Supreme Court will consider. "Therefore, I urge Budimir and Malaletkina who decided to support Nikita paberagchysya and stop the hunger strike of solidarity", — said Elena Lihavid "Freedom."

By Alain Lihavid with her son on "Volodarka" met lawyer Daria Lipkin, who managed to convince Nikita to postpone the strike.

Let me remind you, the activist movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavida Partisan Court of Minsk sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for involvement in events

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As erected steel …

July 15 this year, we present the first video of the plant prefabricated buildings "Stalkonstruktsiya" for the channel, showing the construction of warehouse series "UNITEC" area 3000 m2Rostov region on the order of OOO "Shipbuilding Company" Doinflot. "

Just a few weeks at the construction site of the port st. Olginskaya was elevated warehouse on the basis of welded truss structures. The building has a cool design, as walling and roofing used PVC tent a density of 900 g/m2.

WithKladska complex designed "Stalkonstruktsiya" taking into account all the needs of the contracting

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One of the five pre-production aircraft (factory designation T10V), this aircraft is dummy weapons. At the end of the wing — Two F-73, under the wing — R-27, not gondolas engines — KH-31P, and the RX-59M on the suspension along the central strip plane. This photo is clearly visible refreshed design fuselage of the Su-FOR including his "duck nose" — fairing installed on board the pulse-Doppler radar. It is functional, with the highest resolution, Model B-004 made by the NGO "Leninist". They say that the radar is able to find and capture ground targets within a radius of 200

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Two leopards brought from Portugal in Sochi for the revival of the form

Two leopard brought from Lisbon (Portugal) to Sochi to restore the population of the predator in the North Caucasus, said the resort.

The World Conservation Union and the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums initiated the transfer of two leopard in Sochi National Park under the "Fine leopard in the North Caucasus."

"At present, the national park has two pairs of leopard. Oct. 21 at the zoo in Lisbon will bring another pair," — said the deputy director of the Sochi national park Umar Semenov, whose words are quoted in the report.

Leopards will also be imported from Iran, Turkmenistan

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Life on Mars: fracture of views




Following the recent discovery of ice on Mars and whole frozen seas, scientists have identified signs of volcanic activity, and even entire ice ages before they reached the Red Planet. These and other discoveries made in recent times, in the presence of life on Mars in the past have believed the vast majority

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Wick — humorous newsreel 1960 watch online

The famous Russian humorous newsreel "Wick" was created to criticize so harmful to the phenomenon of Russian society, the bureaucracy, bribery, theft and drunkenness. Issue "Wick" has become a tradition before the screening of feature films in cinemas that showed instead of advertising.

The first time, "wick" beheld a long 60 years of the last century, and the last issue was released in September 2008. The creator of the television program was Sergei Mikhalkov — the creator of many nursery rhymes and fables. "Wick" was so popular that it does not disdain to be removed by such

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Environmentalists Russia and Mongolia recalculate Red Argali in the Altai-Sayan

Ecology of Russia and Mongolia for three weeks recalculate a Red mountain sheep (argali), living in adjacent areas of the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion, told RIA Novosti press-secretary of the Altai-Sayan branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Ekaterina Lukonina.

Argali (the largest subspecies of argali) is found only in the aisles of the Altai-Sayan, in the border area of Russia and Mongolia. In winter, the number on the Russian side is reduced, because they go to Mongolia — there is less snow, and is easier to graze. Recent studies have shown that the population is stable, but environmentalists believe that

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