An engineer from Russia won the shnobel for the conversion of explosives into diamonds

Ig Nobel Peace Prize 2012 as a Russian engineer Igor Petrov for the development of a method convert explosives into diamonds, according to Friday's TV channel NBC News.

The ceremony of awarding the Ig Nobel Prize (Ig Nobel Prize), awarded for academic achievement, "which at first caused a laugh, and then make them think", was held on Friday night at Sanders Theatre at Harvard University. Usually "shnobelevki" awarded Nobel in all categories — physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, economics, and the struggle for peace. Bonuses are also awarded in fields such as biology, engineering and management. In addition, for the original and worthy of research is often created special thematic nomination.

According to the channel, the development Petrova, working in the company of SKN Science City Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, will transform the unused stocks of explosives into tiny diamonds.

"Ladies, if you want diamonds, come up to me after the ceremony. But you have to be a private explosives", — quotes the words of television Peace Prize laureate.

Among the other winners of the Ig Nobel Prizes were Dutch researchers who have received the award in psychology for the answer to the question why the Eiffel Tower seem smaller when looking at her, bow your head to the left.

Four Neurophysics from the U.S. received the award in its field for the creation of the equipment, which records brain activity of dead fish, and the British-American team of scientists awarded the "shnobelevki" in Physics for his explanation of the causes and trajectories of the pony tail.

Ig Nobel Prize for Literature went to the staff of the Accounts Chamber of the United States for the compilation of "Report on the reports."

Awards "Ig Nobel" laureates usually solemnly handed their "colleagues" — Nobel Prize winner. According to the organizers of the awards, the magazine Annals of Improbable Research, this year's participants in the ceremony were, in particular, the winner of "Nobelevki" in Physics in 2005 Roy Glauber, winner of the Prize for Economics in 2007 Eric Maskin and winner of the Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2009, Jack Shostak.

In addition, guests of honor at the ceremony are always winners "shnobelevki" of past years. Thus, the 2012 ceremony attended, for example, Elena Bodnar, received the award in the field of health for the creation of a bra that in an emergency respirator becomes two, and Richard Gustafson convincingly proved ineffective stun the home treatment of rattlesnake bite his lip with a car battery .

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